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The plan was to publish as last weeks #ShareOurShitSaturday post, but I underestimated how long it might take. Then I figured it was perfect for Masturbation Monday because let’s be honest a lot of the content I am about to share has made me want to do just that and not just on Monday’s. Once again though I really wanted to do this post right and vanilla work meant I just couldn’t quite squeeze in completely the final few flourishes to this post. Which means you get it as a Christmas Day treat.

If you find yourself on this list thank you for making me smile, and in some cases possibly shed a tear. The sex blogging community is about so much more than smut and seduction, it’s about sharing our thoughts about life, building friendships and supporting and encouraging each other in a variety of ways. That isn’t to say though that your presence here doesn’t also mean I’ve perved over or used your smut for my own debauched methods of entertainment because while that isn’t the only thing I enjoy about the sex blogging community, it definitely is one of them.

Some of my wonderful blogging pals have done their own round-ups, one of whom is May More and I will confess I have unashamedly stolen her method for listing my Top 20. Which means they will be listed according to where they placed on MollysDailyKiss Top 100 Sex Blogs 2018 list. Apart from the 6 who weren’t on that list, but we shall get to why of that later.

Now though I won’t waffle any longer and keep you waiting, here are my Top 20 Bloggers of 2018.

  • Rebels Notes – I should be furious with Marie, because she totally kept me off the No.1 spot on Molly’s list this year, as I said in my reflections on that list though I am actually so honoured to be one spot behind her. Marie not only provides a lot of wonderfully varied content but she also works tirelessly for our sex blogging community. Her writings on grief have moved me to tears this year and inspired me to write about my own experiences. Marie also hosts Wicked Wednesday and the Smut Marathon, both of which are dear to my heart. Entries for the Smut Marathon are open now, why don’t we thank Marie for all her hard work by making the 2019 Smut Marathon even more epic than this years. Three recommended posts from Marie’s Site are … Touch of Pink, Unearthly Sounds and Permanent Mark.
  • Temperature’s Rising – If you’re looking for writing that is not only sexy but also funny, honest and creative then Mrs Fever is your woman. She has put a smile on my face this year more than she knows and I can’t wait to see what other delights she brings us on 2019. Three recommended posts from Mrs. Fever are  … en pointe, Exquisite Pain and Whatever the opposite of FOMO is …
  • Scanderella – I’ve never met Ella but can only imagine she has talent visibly dripping from her fingertips. Her stories are original, well written, gripping and arousing. If I had to pick one blogger who I’d love to read a novel from it is Ella, some of her short stories feel like they are way more far-reaching than the snippet we get of them. Recommended reading over on Ella’s site … Bloodlust Vampire Series, Broken Idol and Demonised.
  • Sex Matters by More More – May not only shares her gorgeous images with us, which FYI have given me naughty thoughts on more than one occasion. She also writes damn sexy erotica and when she shares her thoughts on topics like shadowbanning and television not only is she incredibly articulate but you can tells she has got oodles of intellect buzzing about in her brain. May More is one awesome lady in more ways than one. Which she showcases in the following posts The Curse, Nudity, Shadows and Copyright and Pool Life.
  • Little Switch Bitch – LSB writes brilliant products reviews, informative and thought-provoking blog post and I must confess shares images that make me go ‘phwoar’ every time I see them. Some of her images are off the wall creative, and some are super cute, all are sexy and I can’t wait to see what she delights us with next year. My experiences with a Pussy Pump, When highly sexed leads to highly vexed and Socks.
  • Cara Thereon – I have on occasions seen Cara doubting how freakin’ awesome she is as a writer and while hearing people tell you otherwise doesn’t always help I have to say this … Cara is so damn talented that I sometimes just stare at my computer thinking ‘Woah, she really pulled that off well’. Some of the topics she covers can be the kind that make you wonder if it’s wrong to be aroused, and I love being challenged while also being turned on, it is quite something and having the skill to create those feelings in someone should be applauded. Cara is also one sexy lady, and I have on many occasions had to stop myself touching my computer screen when I see her images, they always look so tangible and inviting, which again is quite a feat. Discover Cara with these posts … Burst of Light, Town Use and Playing God.
  • On Queer Street – Quinn Rhodes never fails to write stories that make me want to find cute humans to make out with. Quite often the scenarios of ones I’ve not considered or don’t necessarily cover my specific kinks but they are written in such a wonderful way that by the end I am into whatever the tale was about. Some of my favourites from Quinn are An airport fuck-toy, Should’ve worn a skirt and Hypotheses on heteroflexible men in knickers.
  • Modesty Ablaze – In a world that is sometimes a little too serious Modesty Ablaze just lights up our little corner of the internet. Her attitude towards nudity and sex is fabulous and it never fails to make me smile. Whether it is an account of what she has been up to or one of her images, you are guaranteed to leave her site with a smile on your face. When I grow up I want to be just like Modesty, kit off, on my adventures, having a bloody good time. To see why Modesty makes me smiles check out these posts … Modestly Minus T-Shirt, A Modest Bouquet and Modestly Scentsible.
  • Kilted Wookie – Are you a fan of hot man bods and sexy words? If so get yourself over to Kilted Wookie’s site. There is plenty of erotica to plunder and he is very kind in sharing weekly images with us for Sinful Sunday, one of which inspired a piece of my own erotica this year, and another I picked when I did the Sinful Sunday round-up for week 401. Some Kilted Wookie treats for you are … The Sounds He Makes, A Modicum of Modesty and his Mind Matters category.
  • Masters Pleasing Bitch – Julie has a fantastic blog. Her images are full of variety and she discusses elements of D/s that are really important for those exploring the lifestyle to hear about. This year though she has been taken off course a little, but she hasn’t let it stop her personality shining through or her getting involved in various weekly memes. She has also bravely and graciously shared her journey through Cancer with us and to say it has been touching has been an understatement. Cancer and other illnesses are not always easy to discuss or easy to hear about, but it is my belief that doing so is vital. I am overjoyed to see that Julie is winning what we all know can be an extremely brutal war. I hope 2019 sees more posts from Julie about things that bring her much joy and sexiness. You can find out more about Julie by visiting Our Journey Part 1, Breast Cancer Archives and In View
  • Love, Violet – Oh Violet, I can’t tell you how often Violet has made my FemDom heart flutter. When she writes from a FemDom perspective or includes FemDom elements it just ticks so many of my boxes, and as a bonus, she does Switchy tales too. Not only that, her Sinful Sunday images are freakin’ brilliant as well and I will be honest in saying that on occasions I have contemplated how nice it would be to touch her boobies! If you think I’m being a dirty perv I suggest you view the images before casting judgement, because I guarantee you’ll likely feel the same. My Favourites from Violet are Marking Time, The Switch and The Soft Underbelly.
  • F Dot Leonora- The first time I properly visit F Dot Leonora’s site I got lost down a rabbit hole of her awesome stories and I loved every minute of it. Again another lady that just oozes talent. When I saw that she was taking the Friday Flash meme in a more weekly direction I decided to get involved, mostly because I think these sources of inspiration are amazing and I love to support the bloggers running them. However, flash fiction isn’t my forte so I was hesitant. I have loved the challenge though and the inspiration this meme has provided. I should also mention that I love F Dot Leonora’s photography and I am really sad I didn’t find her blog before I went on my trip to NYC in May! I could have coffee’d with a fellow blogger in New York City of all places. Missed opportunity right there. For the delights that unravel in her tales, you would be wise to start her characters adventures from the beginning via Fleur Friday, Eliza and Damaris.
  • Books1799 – As with all the lovelies on this list, I’ve never met Cousin Pons, but I suspect I would find him utterly delightful. He leaves charming comments on both my blog and my Instagram and he writes stories that are completely unique and totally enchanting. I am a huge, huge fan of his tales and I very much hope he shares more with us next year. I also follow CP on Instagram and I love his photography, and I don’t mean of the dirty variety. See, I can like wholesome stuff too. That said his Sinful Sunday images are also inspired and I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy them too. Three of my favourite tales from CP are The Shoemaker, Hornithology and The Light Fantastic.
  • Pillowtalk by Posy Churchgate – It’s important to be honest, which means confessing I first noticed Posy’s blog because of her Sinful Sunday images! She has a way with a selfie stick and it creates images that are very fun to peruse. When I hopped on over to her writing too I was even more enamoured. Posy has written some fabulous tales this year, and she hasn’t just written about what she knows or guessed about things, her erotica is well researched and it shows, her words have a definite sparkle to them and I am never disappointed when I visit her site. To see what Posy has to offer visit … Raising Edward Thackeray, Cleaner Close and The Diary Uncovered.

Of the remaining 6 bloggers who weren’t on Molly’s list, 4 are new bloggers so didn’t qualify, one is a previous winner so didn’t qualify and the other is Molly herself.

  • Knkstriped – I do not remember when Zebra Rose started appearing on my Twitter feed or list of must-read blogs, but oh my goodness I am glad she did. Her writing is sexy and insightful, and when she joins in with Sinful Sunday that always brings a smile to my face too. I did meet Zebra Rose, but it was all too brief, and I was literally a little tied up at the time. I am very hopeful that I’ll get to have a proper chat with her in 2019. Some of my favourites from Zebra Rose are … The Outlaw and the Whore, The Dinner Party and Boobs, bat, bling.
  • My Controlled Ascent – I mentioned I’m not great at flash fiction, Kisungura is in my opinion, in the later months of this year she has floored me with how much she can say in so few words. She also writes pieces that are from the heart and she doesn’t avoid the tricky subjects, but she does leave room smutty stories too and quite frankly she is amazing at them. To get yourself hooked on Kisungura I suggest you check out these posts … Heart, Straddle and Writing to see.
  • Love is a paraphilia – I think I might crushing on Nikki ever so slightly. Ever since I found her site I am always excited to see what she brings us next. Not only is she gorgeous and shares truly delectable photos with us, which are also incredibly creative, she also discusses a kink with us that not everyone has, not everyone will get but oh boy does she make it seem like fun. Honestly mixing food with kink/sex is not my thing at all, but in the interest of full disclosure, I have contemplated that it would be fun to lick icing of Nikki’s bum! Not just a pretty face though, she shares posts about her own experiences and her erotica is going from strength to strength. Start your adventures with Nikki by clicking on these posts … Sue, How doing a fetish shoot healed decades of shame and insecurity and Dirty pictures.
  • Jayne Renault- When I first discovered Jayne’s blog I felt terrible for not having visited her before, then I discovered she was a relatively new blogger and my mind was blown. This lady can weave a wonderful tale of smut and her musings on other things are also a captivating read. I also follow Jayne on Instagram and she is one foxy lady! Cute, smart, funny, seriously if you’re not following Jayne why not? She has got it all going on. A few of my favourite treats from Jayne are … First Rites, The Summoning of a Demon Queen and Stay at Home Siren.

Three of my four lovely new finds were on Molly’s ‘New Voices’ List, I guarantee that next year they will all be on the main list if they continue to provide us with their awesome content. Let this be a warning to you if you were on that main list this year, these four lovelies and many others are coming for us. They are fresh-faced, full of enthusiasm and ready to steal our spots! And you know what I can’t bloody wait to see what they bring to the table.

Two bloggers who won’t be battling for the No.1 spot, along with Marie Rebel who as this year’s winner doesn’t get to win again, are Kayla Lords and Molly Moore. If you don’t know these two names what rock have you been living under? Especially Molly because I’ve mentioned her about eleventy-million times already in this post!

  • Kayla Lords – Where do I even start with Kayla Lords? I have had the pleasure of inviting Kayla and her partner John Brownstone onto the ProudToBeKinky Podcast, to say she was a delight to chat to would be an understatement. Bother her and John made the episode with them effortless to record and I just wanted to get on a plane and go and hang out with them. Kayla gives us her own blog, host Masturbation Monday, provides podcast content through Loving BDSM and the Masturbation Monday Podcast, creates Patreon content for her Patrons, gives us amazing advice as the Smutlancer both through a blog and podcast, all while doing her regular job and raising kids. Seriously the woman is the freakin’ powerhouse of this sex blogging community. If you haven’t checked out any of Kayla’s content you really should. Especially if you use Masturbation Monday as a platform to share your work. I know that isn’t why Kayla host that for us, but I think giving a little back to her in terms of sharing and appreciating her content is always nice. A drop in the ocean of Kayla’s content would be … I Need More, A Symphony of Kinky Fuckery and How Many Hearts?
  • Molly Moore – Sinful Sunday, Kink of the Week, February Photofest, MollysDailyKiss Top 100 and Eroticon are just a few of the things that Molly organises that are cornerstones of our blogging community. Not only that but she put out quality content herself and is always happy to help others, whether that’s with advice on photography or discussions about taking your blog self hosted. Her skills as a photographer have inspired many of us. For some people that has meant delving into more technical aspects of photography, for me, it has meant just thinking more creatively and allowing myself to be less ‘perfect’ in my images. If you’ve still never joined in with any of the projects Molly hosts why not make that a goal for 2019? I know there are more of you out there who could wow us over on Sinful Sunday or share your thoughts on various kinks via Kink of the Week. To enjoy Molly’s delights start here … His perfect doll, Perseverance and Piquant Panties.

You’ve now been handed three posts from each my 2018 Lovelies if that isn’t the best Christmas gift ever I don’t know what is! Now go and eat, drink and be merry and when you need to escape from the hustle and bustle that Christmas brings you can find yourself a little hiding spot and give one of my offerings a try.

My Top 20 are only a fraction of the awesome bloggers that are out there, you can absolutely find more talented writers over at this weeks Masturbation Monday.

Masturbation Monday Week 225

18 thoughts on “Floss' Top 20 Lovelies 2018

  1. Thank you so much, lovely Floss, for mentioning me here, and I am SO happy that you are not furious with me! Thank you for your support throughout the year and your continued support in 2019. You are one of the most valuable members of this community, working so hard to promote, support and empower others!
    Rebel xox

  2. Lovely approach and shares that will delight. I feel honoured to be listed and very flattered by your appraisal of my site but amongst the rest of your 20 – Well hot damn girl I feel in glittering company! You’re right Floss, with the newbies you’ve listed (and others who could come along during 2019) we all need to keep upping our game!

  3. Wow Floss! That is one epic round up. Your warmth and affection for your fellow bloggers is such a joy to read. I also marvel at your organisational skills in being able to have all this information at your fingertips. Thanks very much for mentioning me Floss. It made me feel all warm inside and also inspired me to keep writing and taking photos. You are brilliant! xx

  4. Awwww, this is the second time I’ve read this (the first time was on the go and I couldn’t comment, ugh) and I’m still tearing up reading it. Thank you so much! I hope we get to meet at Eroticon in March so we can enjoy each other in real life! 🙂

  5. Floss, thank you for retagging me here because I completely missed this post…

    Thank you so much for such lovely words and linking posts belonging to me. I genuinely really appreciate it


  6. Awwww I am SO excited to be on this list ❤️ And honestly, I’ve thought about you touching my boobs too, so all’s fair! Xox thank you for all your support and friendship and your amazing contributions to this little community!

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