[Erotica] Hypnotic Adventures

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I pause to take in the sight before me. He’s bloody, bruised and battered. This beautiful boy of mine is not a masochist, yet here he stands having barely flinched at the pain I have inflicted upon him. I never imagined he would fall this deep. That our new explorations would work so well, that the 3, 2, 1 of erotic hypnosis would actually work. Though I didn’t count him down. There was no swinging watch face, or flourishes to entertain a watching crowd.

There was just he and I as I guided him into a new state of being. Through fields of glorious colour. Shade after shade pictured in his mind and as he moved into each vivid colours he was straying further from himself and further into me. When he reached the end, and the colour he saw was a bright burning white, instead of needed to shield his eyes from it, he felt comfort and safety and he walked into that light, into me and fell deep under my spell.

I imagined in those first few moments after it was clear he was under, that any introduction of pain would release him from his hypnotic bindings. I gave my instructions though, loving whispers that he can do it, that he can endure the pain he wants to, that he can wear those marks for days, maybe even weeks and every time he runs his hands over them or catches a glimpse of them in the mirror he will remember he is owned and desired.

When I take the cane in my hand, I’m almost saying a silent prayer to myself. The doors this could open if it works are endless, the fun wouldn’t stop if it didn’t go as we hoped, but I knew hypnotic success would mean the world to us both.

When the cane lands on his arse, he moans, but it’s a low, soft moan of pleasure. It’s as if I’ve caressed his cock gently with my fingers, not made a red welt on his bare flesh with my cane. That red welt made my cunt clench and my heart sore. He had craved these kinds of marks, and worse for so long, but I could not in could conscience create them with the discomfort and pain it caused him. Now though, well, things were very different now.

I strike him, over and over again, that low moan of pleasure turning into a long continuous hum. Relaxed and content, his body seems to blossom under the attention it is receiving. The spanking bench allows his body full support, while also allowing me access to his cock as well as his now reddened buttocks. When I move my hands to his cock, its delicious in its arousal. Parts of me long to move against it, upon it, feel it in my hands, in my cunt, as it throbs and yields to his aching need to come.

Not yet though. I begin again with the cane. The sound of it swishing through the air almost as arousing as the sound of it landing against his bare skin. Swish, thwack. Swish, thwack. Over and over again, still accompanied by his melodic moans of pleasure, even as it began to tear at his flesh, beads of blood beginning to form upon his pale cheeks.

Blood and bruising was the hope he had confided in me, the reason we had begun to discover the best ways to take him into a state of erotic hypnosis. As I look at his arse I realise we have achieved our mission, so I lay my cane upon the ground and begin to pay him other kinds of attention.

As my hands move across his body, I gently begin to unfasten his restraints. When he is free from his shackles, under my guidance he moves slowly, in a dreamlike state to the bed, eyes closed, his hands resting upon me as I manoeuvre him safely to comfort. Once he is settled, my hands start to wander again and it isn’t long before I give in and wrap my fingers round his hard length.

It doesn’t take long before his muscles tense and his breathing becomes fast and shallow as I take him closer and closer towards the edge of climax. Still lost in that trance he has none of his usual tell tale signs of trying to hold back. His position doesn’t alter, there are no groans of frustration as his realises he may not be able to hold back, his eyelids don’t fly open in horror as he feels the point of no return creeping upon him. There is just his bodies acceptance of what his mind has been told, that he can and will take what I give him, without doubt, without worry, with nothing but the joy and arousal of total submission.

The noise he makes when he comes is nothing short of animalistic, his body seizes up, and seems to ricochet within its own walls. When he falls silent and still, I place my hands upon his face and kiss him, he signs against me in return but seems to have no ability to physically respond. As I gently bring him back from his erotic trance, he comes to with surprising lucidity, but then seems to falter as his brain tries to piece together a gap in its memory, where memories may or may not be reality.

He instinctively rolls onto his side and moves his hand against the skin of his arse, he winces when he is a little too firm and looks at me in amazement. Then his face lights up with an enormous smile and I wonder if he’ll still be smiling when I tend to the wounds he requested but never truly believed he could receive. 

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    1. Thank you 🙂 you should definitely check out the Kink of the Week line up then, because I think there will be plenty more of them added this week.

    1. Well you never know 😛 Erotic Hypnosis and Seductive Meditation are actually on our kinky to do list! And is finally coming ever closer. I think both Bakji and I would be delighted if it worked this well, but I’ll honestly settle for clearing his mind a bit more, and making him even subbier for a session *wicked grin* 🙂

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