[Kink] I Am a Medical Masturbator!

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Content Warning – Medical Play, Blood Play, Needle Play including images of needles in use and bleeding post use.

My recent post ‘Nurse Floss Will See You Now’ was something of a landmark blog post for me, it discussed some elements of my kinky interests that I had not shared, except perhaps in passing in previous posts. It also included kinks that I am aware could be triggering for other people or at the very least hard limits for them. It was however warmly received, even by those people who could not relate to the kinks and scenes described within it as arousing for them personally.

With the positivity of that post making me a lot bolder, I would like to share another kink of mine with you. While it isn’t one I indulge in every time I masturbate, it isn’t something I like to enjoy from time to time, and as the title suggests that kink is Medical Masturbation. At least that’s what I am calling it.

The first thing that got me curious about medical play was needles. I’d always been intrigued to try needle play but had never felt comfortable enough in any given situation to try it, when my FemDom ego starting calling the kinky shots, I decided that as the Top I could now be the lucky person who got to administer the needle play. When Bakji agreed to give this ago I was delighted.

I read books, watched video tutorials and visited a variety of online resources to start gaining crucial knowledge on how to do needle play safely. Some of those videos and resources actually gave me a great insight into how not to play with needles. Many though gave me the tools I needed to start practising. There was no better person to practice on, in my mind, than myself. My thighs and boobs became my needle cushions and I started to gain enough confidence to move onto Bakji’s skin.

When I started to use my needles on Bakji one of the first things I noticed was the compulsion to also do some needle play on myself. To this day the only person who has ever done needle play on me, is me and to be quite honest I thoroughly enjoy that. The aspects of needle play that I love have nothing to do with someone else administering them, which means solo needle play is for me, very satisfying.

One of the effects of me using needles on myself, as well as on other people, is deep, throbbing and full body arousal. It fires up not only my body but my mind too, which I am sure many of you will understand is the key to a great orgasm for many of us.

1537181455365.jpegWhen the mood strikes me, I will gather up my needle box, pop on some Latex medical gloves (which by the way is absolutely another kink of mine) and I will slide needles right through my own skin. Usually on my boobs, that is my favourite place for needles and as a bonus they are easily accessible.

There are various points where the actions I have undertaken with the needles lead to me wanting stimulation of the genital variety. Those moments are; once the needles are in, taking the needles out and after all the needles are removed.

After All The Needles Are In

There are a few things I like about the action of applying needles to my skin. The1537177653171.jpeg inevitable nerves of causing myself pain, the ouchy feeling of pushing the needles through and the adrenaline I feel after each needle has gone in. When putting in a fair few needles the cycle of nerves – pain – adrenaline combines to create a rollercoaster of sexy emotions. I always work with smaller needles to larger, so the pain is always increasing too, which means the nerves do the same, and the adrenaline rush that follows is greater too.

Masturbation at this point is usually fairly quick. I think the adrenaline takes me right to the edge of climax and any toy I use is just a gentle nudge into full blown orgasm. It is a satisfying orgasm, but it usually isn’t the mind-blowing kind.

Taking The Needles Out

This is a sensation I find harder to describe than the feeling of needles going in. Physically it doesn’t hurt as much, it is perhaps tender and feels like a gentle pull on the skin. That moment when the needle is fully free though is again surrounded by endorphins.  If you’ve ever had one of those moments where you get a little shiver of tingles from something pleasurable, that is the kind of sensation I get when removing needles from my skin.

If I am careful, and part of being careful means having my sharps box close by, I can remove the needles slowly whilst using a vibrator on myself. In this situation I tend to use a low setting, and it is less about reaching orgasm and more about heightening those ‘sexy shivers’.

Once All The Needle Are Out

1537177760792I’m not a massive bleeder when it comes to needles. Not during needle play and not when it comes to going to the doctor either. I do however get lovely little droplets of blood that form when I remove the needles and this is one of my most favourite things to see. Blood play is still on the to do list, I’ve currently only dabbled. The sight of blood is thoroughly arousing though, both on myself and on other people. When it has be created consensually and in a sexy way that is.

Masturbating once all the needles are removed and there is blood to be seen, that is when the mighty orgasm comes. I think not only is it the physical effects of the needle play, and the sight of the blood, but also the knowledge that it’s a little bit freaky and taboo for some people spurs me on a little bit.

I like to use my gloved hand that isn’t masturbating to smear the blood across my skin. I have a very pale complexion, and seeing the red against my skin is awesome.

This won’t be for everyone and I know many people won’t even be able to read this post once they see the content warning, and my aim here isn’t to convert you all to medical masturbation. My aim is, as always with this blog to create a safe space. Where I and my readers can openly think about and discuss even the more taboo kinks without fear of reproach.

I think it can also be a lot easier to discuss kinks we embrace with a partner, but a lot of kinksters are embracing their kinks as part of masturbation, whether they have a partner or not and it is important to me that their is a conversation around that. I have spoken to a fair number of people who are happy to admit to masturbating, but feel awkward to admit that involves self bondage, self masochism or any other type of solo kink engagement.

I am a medical masturbator, and the recent arrival of a skin stapling kit is probably going to fuel that adventure. I am a proud pervert and I don’t mind telling you that I get some serious kicks from indulging in these kinks all by myself. That’s not to say that those who volunteer as tribute are sent packing, they most certainly are not, warm fleshy bodies that bleed are always welcomed with open arms.

Should you decide to engage in needle play or medical play of any kind please do your research and play safely. Invest in good quality supplies and don’t rush into anything. All my medical supplies thus far have come from MedFetUK. I highly recommend them, not only because they are supplying genuine medical grade products, but they are helpful and knowledgeable about the products they sell.

I am sharing this as part of Masturbation Monday, I loved it when I can take part by using the prompts offered to us, but one of the reasons Masturbation Monday is wonderful is that you don’t have to have followed the prompt to get involved. By getting involved you are taking part in something that will most likely make you some new friends, so why not give it a go.

Who else is Masturbating this Monday?

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13 thoughts on “[Kink] I Am a Medical Masturbator!

  1. It’s always so cool to hear what turns a person on. Putting myself through pain is something that is anathema to me. I wouldn’t be good at that. For instance I can’t zap myself with the zapper. But it’s fascinating to read about your wants, desires and likes.

  2. It’s really interesting to read about different kinks and what makes people tick/what makes it a kink for one person and a hard limit for the other. Any kind of needle or blood is a huge hard limit for me (very squeamish with both!) but it was really interesting to read about what it does for you x

  3. It DEFINITELY isn’t my thing but I love that you’ve shared this kink because it’s one a lot of people don’t know about and probably have misconceptions about. Your post makes it much more real for the rest of us.

    1. All I wanted to do was join the circus as a knife thrower… but they locked me up for the whole summer and I missed the lot. Everyone else went off to university, got married, and got a life.
      I was a freak who looked as straight as Paul Newman. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE SUMMER OF COYOTE

  4. At least they had to watch me on camera when I punched my way into isolation. I had a captive audience and by law they had to watch me shoot to thrill… if I wasn’t in jacket with one sleeve or strapped to the wall. Much safer in there than out where the sickos on shift work were like Catholics in a brothel

  5. I am not sure that this is something I would use for masturbation but really enjoyed reading about the impact it had for you. Learning how if feels and what you enjoy about it was really interesting. 🙂

  6. My heart is racing Floss….. I have a feeling this might totally work for me but I have never tried it. Years ago I had to have a course of a blood thinner injected everyday. At first my then husband did it for me but be kept moaning about it and was often late home so I decided to try it myself. Once I plucked up the courage to jab the 1st one in I was hooked and the honest truth is I was a bit disappointed when the course ended and I didn’t need to do it any more.

    1. So excited that this got someones heart racing *wicked grin* … I’d be so excited to hear about it if you ever do give it a try. I’ve just had some skin staples delivered too and I’ve only a practical test run with them so far, but I think they’ll be getting in on the act too x

  7. Before this post I was completely ignorant to needle play. It is an edgy fetish, that I’m excited to learn about, whether I engage in this play or not.
    You open my eyes by sharing on your blog your experiences.
    I used to post various Fetishes on my post with descriptions, as I learned each one I posted. But I totally missed needle play.
    It’s funny, as a kid (pre-teen) I use to hide in my room and use sewing needles to sew my fingers together. It was relaxing and exciting to me.
    I wonder if that played a role in how much I enjoy getting tattoos. Getting inked with that needle gets me all excited and relaxed. I have fallen asleep a couple of times!!!
    I love your passion for needle play and carefully informing your readers the safety and ways in which you execute it.
    Thank you!!

    1. Thank you for reading and for such a fabulous comment. I am so pleased this post is reaching people in this way. It really does give me a big smile on my face 🙂

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