[Erotica] The Golden Stream

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Content Warning: Watersports/Urination Play 

You look at me eyes wide and your mouth open, you’re being such good boy. Well the eye contact makes you a good boy, the open mouth just means the gag is doing its job. Keeping your mouth open and accessible to me at all times.

Your eyes sparkle with a mixture of excitement and trepidation! Is it just a threat? Part of the tease and something to add to the intensity of our scene. Or do I really mean to do it this time!

I straddle you and bound as you are you are unable to do much more than attempt to wriggle! I watch as your chest heaves as your breathing speeds up and your eyes fix on my cunt! The cunt you love so much, you’ve licked it, fucked it, fingered it, made it gush, made it clench, made me scream in delight at the attention you’ve paid it. Never have you drowned beneath it though.

Never has my warm, wet piss flowed over you. Drenching you in my scent, marking you as Mine.

Never until now!

I position myself above your mouth and I watch as your body tenses and your eyes are forced wider still by the uncertainty you now face! I suspect part of you doesn’t want to watch, but that part of you that aches for me to do unspeakable things to you is delighted by the prospect of my warm golden stream filling your mouth.

I’m poised, ready and even I wonder if someday is going to be today. If the urge have you taste me in a new way will be fulfilled. I don’t know when this desire became more than a tease, more than a threat to heighten your experience while we played. When, I wonder, did it become overwhelming and magnificent in its appeal.

I feel my muscles clench and release. Someday is today and I watch as a stream of piss flows onto your chin. I gauge the reaction in your eyes and the slightly horrified sparkle tells me I can go further. I tilt my pelvis ever so slightly, clenching my muscles to stop the flow and releasing to fill your mouth.

Filling your mouth is actually just gracing your tongue with a small but delicious quantity! You can’t close your mouth to swallow and I watch as your tongue moves awkwardly to allow your throat access to this new and addictive nectar.

A full and well prepared bladder means I can change position once more, this time strong and continuous upon your chest. The ropes that bind you are darkening as they absorb in a way your skin can not. My eyes follow the lines and knots of the rope works across your body and I notice how my flowing piss trickles across your flesh. My eyes are drawn downwards to your cock and if ever there was a doubt that your arousal for this matches my own, your cock, hard, twitching and eager removes all doubt.

My cunt finally stops in its mission to drench you because the mission has been completed with great success. My fingers wrap around your erection, and all I can think about is turning you into a wetter and messier pile of ruination. As always my hand is exceptionally efficient in making this happen.

You grunt, groan and shudder your way to orgasm, all louder and more forceful than normal as they escape through your open mouth which is still forced open by the gag, drool has also found its way to freedom making your chin shiny with saliva and this further fuels my need to see your belly covered in your own spunk. My hand begins its final sprint towards your climax and I am not disappointed.

You come hard, it looks violent and painful as it creates pleasurable havoc within you and forces the fruits of my labour from your body in hot, messy spurts. As I hoped for, you are covered, belly to chest, you are a beautiful sticky, wet mess.

I remove your gag and kiss you, and you pull back a little, worried that you are covered or drool or might taste like piss. None of that matters to me though. I straddle you, feeling your spunk soaking through my flimsy excuse for a dress, as I hold your face between my hands and kiss you with as much passion with which you came.

Someday was today and today was deliciously depraved.

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19 thoughts on “[Erotica] The Golden Stream

    1. Thank you Marie 🙂 I knew it wouldn’t be for everyone in terms of the main focus, but I did hope to we’ve enough erotic feels in there that it might still work for people on some level x

  1. I agree with Rebel as it is not my thing but you have made me think differently about it. It was really interesting reading from the point of view of a top / Dominant as I have never seen it from that side before. I love that you tackle things that many others don’t in your writing and it was a very hot story. 🙂

    1. Aw thank you Missy, that is a lovely comment. It’s a kink I have zero interest in being in the receiving end of, but am fascinated by it as a Top, which explains the perspective I used. Never even occurred to me to write it from the bottoms perspective. #itsallaboutme, lol :p xx

      1. I only ever see it from the bottoms perspective. We have had conversations about if I topped. I think I could do it but don’t feel it would do anything for me sexually so it was interesting to ‘experience’ how it works. So few people write from that point of view so I am really glad that you did.

  2. I am not sure if this is true or fiction but it was a hot read – I love the depraved and risky – I tried this once on the receiving end – thou not in the mouth – It was amazing from my point of view, it is on my list to write about in the near future x

    1. It is a fictional truth or perhaps a truthful fiction :p which feels like an Alice in Wonderland riddle, lol. I definitely look forward to reading whatever you write that has this included as a theme. I’m sure you will rock it 🙂 xxx

  3. I love this! So much fun. I always enjoy it when my little fox takes her drink from me. It thrills me and leaves her soaked in every way! So sexy Floss!

  4. Addictive nectar, so true, at least for me. This morning I was doing dishes and making coffee, when Baby Doll opened the bedroom door and said “do you want it, I have to go really bad”. It’s so, so good, when she has to come and get me. I always thank her and tell her how lucky I am to have her.

  5. I echo the comments above – it isn’t my kink or of interest to me but you write about it with great enthusiasm as to the erotic element and it’s really convincing. You are embracing covering some of the more taboo topics Floss – well done.

    1. Thanks Posy, not entirely sure when I decided to go on this taboo topics fest, but I’m having fun with it, so I figure I’ll just keep going until someone says stop, lol x

  6. Such a hot story. It instantly reminded me of the first time my wife gave me a golden shower. We had been in a scene with her topping me for most of the afternoon. We had talked about golden showers but not recently. So when she straddled my face and pinned my head back by grabbing a handful of hair I was unsure what was about to happen. I was fully aroused, my cock straining against the bondage around my shaft. Starring up at her I struggled to press my tongue to her pussy. She laughed as she pulled my hair preventing me from tasting her. Without warning she began to release into my mouth. My already engorged cock began to throb. She smiled at my arousal and began to piss with considerable force. I began swallowing as much as I could but was unable to keep up with the volume. She must have been ready to burst as the flood seemed to continue for ever. When she was finally empty I was denied the privilege of licking her clean. I was quickly flipped over where my face was pressed into the piss soaked blanket we were on top of. With my face pressed into the mess she just created the pegging began. One of the hottest encounters of my life up to that point.

  7. Wow floss, that story is hot. And something I would love to do. Finding someone to do to me on the other hand is a lot harder

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