[Erotica] Reading, Interrupted

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She sounded out of breath as she answered the phone, I wondered if I’d interrupted her running errands, or doing housework, she said she was just doing some reading before she ran herself a bath though and that she had time to chat. As our conversation moved on I wondered what she had been reading, I personally love a good horror story, and many of them have made me breathless, I assumed, naively, she had experienced the same.

‘What book were you reading, before I rudely interrupted?’

‘Don’t be silly, I said you weren’t interrupting and it’s just a book of romance stories, nothing too adventurous.’

In all the time we’d been friends, romance did not seem like it would have been her genre of choice. I felt like I was missing something, a little niggle within my brain was telling me that I knew nothing about my friend at all.

‘Read some to me? Just a random page from the bits you’ve already read, I love hearing people read out loud.’

The line went dead, for a moment I thought she’d hung up, then the words that left her mouth were uttered in a voice I would never be able to unhear. Words like pussy, cock, wet, hard, lick, fuck, throbbed, ached; all left her mouth in such a naturally seductive way I was certain it was not the first time she had said them out loud.

‘Do you want to touch yourself now?’

I did. I did want to touch myself, more than anything. Well, maybe not more than anything, more than touching myself I wanted to touch her. I couldn’t say that though, no matter what new thing was passing between us, you didn’t just come out with the confession of wanting to fuck your friend.

‘Touch myself? Well … um … yeah, like maybe a little.’

‘Just a little? Your cunt isn’t aching and begging to be touched? You aren’t filled with the need to fuck and be fucked. To slide fingers and tongues into that deliciously wetness, as your moans fill the air and your body trembles into climax? Because that was a really hot story I read out and it makes me feel that way every time.’

‘Okay, more than a little. I will think of it later when I’m on my own.’

‘Do it now. Don’t wait. It won’t feel as good later. Touch yourself now. Let me listen.’

I froze, surely she was joking. If I touched myself and moaned into the phone, would she call me a pervert and never speak to me again. What if she wasn’t joking though, what if I did it and so did she, would this bring us closer together, would it be new kind of friendship for us. I was torn between taking the risk and playing it safe. She however seemed more certain of how this would play out.

‘Don’t be shy, please touch yourself for me, I bet you look so sexy when you fuck yourself.’

Her voice was softer now, more encouraging. She wasn’t pleading, but she was asking with genuine desire and enthusiasm and I knew then that I couldn’t resist, and that for the first time ever someone else would listen to me masturbating.

My hand moved across my breasts, teasing and pinching at my nipples. I moaned softly as jolts of arousal ricocheted down to my clit.

‘Mmmm … I love how you moan, keep going.’

I did keep going, I kept going in a way that felt so incredibly normal I wondered why we hadn’t been doing this for years. I kept going when my fingers circled my clit, and the arousal of the story she read, combined with the situation being new, exciting and exceptionally naughty meant that I came almost instantly. It wasn’t explosive, it was impatient and quick, my body eager to get one dose of pleasure out of the way, so I could move onto bigger and better things.

‘Oh you lucky girl, that sounded so good, I bet there’s more though, slide your fingers into your cunt and tell me how wet you are.’

As instructed my fingers found the wetness, but I did not need to slide my fingers inside myself to find it. My labia were slick with my own eager need, my fingers glided over them, fascinated by how swollen they had become, and how sensitive they were to my touch. I moaned repeatedly as I rubbed, rubbed, rubbed. There was little skill or attempt to caress, it was just a wanton desire to move fingers against folds, falling into the joyful feeling of exploring my own body.

‘I need to fuck myself too, you sound so sexy I can’t hold back. Do you want to hear me come?’

‘Fuck yes. Yes, please, yes.’

My answer came from a woman most definitely on the edge of orgasm. I wondered if I could hold out long enough so we could come together, or at least not too far apart.

My fingers pushed into my cunt, with an ease that felt unfamiliar, I couldn’t remember the last time I had been this wet without my trusty lube. I thought I might come instantly, the walls of my cunt were already gripping my fingers, sucking them in, so they could take me further towards my now inevitable climax.

I groaned loudly, no longer caring or worrying about this new situation, I wanted her to hear me, I wanted her to get off on my pleasure and most of all I wanted to help her fall into her own orgasmic moment.

Her sounds seemed to mirror mine, though hers were interspersed with expletives. Which fuelled my continuing need to fuck myself silly, and everything became hotter, wetter and frenzied as I fingered myself with wild abandon, imagining her doing the same and wondering just how sexy she looked as she did it.

‘Fuck. That’s it …. aaaah … fuck yes, harder … more … fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I’m .. I…!’

As her voice trailed off I knew she had lost the battle, or was it winning the battle, I’m not sure which it felt like to her. As I increased my efforts though, spurred on my the knowledge she was caught in her own state of orgasm, I started to come hard against my own fingers, fluid gushing forth in another unfamiliar level of wetness, I don’t what she had done, but it felt like something new had been released inside me.

When my body was finally finished, and my muscles had relaxed and my mind was returning to it’s less sex fuelled state, I was lost for words. She saved me from speaking though and filled the silence for me …

‘Can I come over?’

‘Yes and for the love of god, please bring that book.’

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13 thoughts on “[Erotica] Reading, Interrupted

  1. This was sexy as hell! WOW! I remember a former partner reading stuff like that to me. The way we came together, over a book, was amazing.

  2. Oh this is brilliant. Michael has definitely read to me in the past and it is a very sexy thing. I love the ending though and that she says, definitely bring the book

  3. This was sexy AF. I love that it was tentative to begin with but they soon abandoned themselves to it! Brilliant stuff (and can I borrow the book after also?)

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