[Erotica] The Friday Girls – Part 2

On Monday I discussed in my Masturbation Monday post how I am trying to challenge myself as a writer. There are certain things I rarely do as a writer. I rarely if ever name my characters, and I am not great at writing pieces that follow on from one another. I thought my recent involvement in #friflash might be a really good place to stretch myself with regards to those things and it would be remiss of me not to mention that F Dot Leanora who runs the prompt, actually is one of the people who inspired me to give this a go. 

Again I ask you to bear with me while I flex my creative muscles. Things may not always be as well rounded as some of my previous pieces, but I hope over time they will start to become better as I familiarise myself with new ways to write.  You may also like to read Part 1 of this serial.

My hands shook as I dialled her number. I could have sent a text, but I couldn’t handle waiting for a response. Plus I wanted to hear her voice, and I needed to hear the tone with which she responded to my question.

She answered quickly, sure and clear with her hello, the unknown number didn’t fluster her like it would have done me.

‘Hi .. it’s .. errr, me .. from the cafe.’

‘Oh hello errrmefromthecafe. I’m so happy you called.’

She really did sound happy too, and even though I felt daft for being teased, I also liked it. She seemed fun and outgoing fun, and I am so serious and introverted. People like her in my life is always a good thing.

‘Cam .. my name, it’s Cam.’

‘Well Cam, I’m Jo and I’m wondering what you’re doing tomorrow?’

‘Tomorrow? I have no plans. I was actually calling to ask you out on a date tomorrow.’

The moment I said it I felt my cheeks flush furiously. Did people even say ‘out on a date’ anymore? I pray to a thousand Gods I don’t believe in that the cute and dorky thing works for her, as I suspect it might.

‘Perfect. A date it is. Same cafe at 11am? Good for you Cam?’

The sound of my name on her lips causes the wetness to grow between my thighs, I want to touch myself, right now, while she on the phone. I want to moan and gasp as her voice penetrates my mind and my fingers …

‘Cam. Hellloooo? are you still there?’

‘Oh god, yes. I am. Sorry. Yes. Eleven. Tomorrow, the cafe. Perfect.’

‘Amazing, I can’t wait to see you again. Smooches for you. Byeee’’

With that she put the phone down.

Now the questions began.

Was ‘smooches for you’ just a cute thing she always said? Or was I getting smooches? Why was she so excited to see me? Was it possible the things I were feeling were entirely mutual? Most importantly of all what do I wear on our date?

Certainly not what I’m wearing now, lace panties and a vest with no bra. I look down and see the wetness I felt earlier is showing. My fingers brush against the wet patch and that gentle touch is sends shivers of pleasure across my skin. My fingers move deftly beneath the fabric, finding their way between my wet folds. Plump from arousal, I twist and pinch them, the pain a delicious addition to the pleasure unfolding with me.

My fingers delve deeper, moving rapidly, as my mouth samples her name, how delicious it sounds sandwiched between the rapid breathing of masturbation and the moaning that comes from my wanton and unabashed orgasm.

‘Oh, Jo, I cannot wait to fuck you.’ I say to myself as I absentmindedly trace the words tattooed on my forearm. La Vie Est Belle. Indeed, life is beautiful and about to become more so with another Jo shaped adventure in my future.

… Read Part 3 

The featured image for this post is this week’s prompt image, originally taken by F Dot Leonora.

Who else is Flashing this Friday?

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