[Erotica] Longing For You

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I am longing for you.

My body aches with desperate wanton desire, the urgency with which I need to satisfy myself with your body is growing fervently.

My cunt clenches at the mere thought of you, my palms are itchy, fingers twitchy, all because they long to feel your warm, eager flesh beneath them.

My tongue runs across my lips, before sharp hungry teeth capture my bottom lip beneath them, pleasure ripples through me at the pain I cause myself, and it does nothing to calm the fires that are roaring inside me.

If you were here, I could fuck you. I could, it would be good, I’d feel fantastic, you’d feel frustrated, tied down and unable to thrust. I could fuck you, but I wouldn’t.

Yes I am lusting for you.

Lust that tugs at my attention like an impatient child. I am not aching to be filled and fucked though. I am aching to bite and beat and hear you beg for mercy.

Mercy that may not come.

Power is what fuels my lust in this moment. The need to conquer and control is overwhelming.

To have you come to me wild and strong, so I can strip you bare, of clothing and of worldly self, in order to tame you and subdue you. To take your will and replace it with my own.

I love you dearly when we are out in the world, where you are man and I am woman, and society impresses upon us, who we are and how we should be.

In private though, I love you freely, in my way, in our way.

I love you with the marks I leave upon your skin. Marks that bruise and bleed, dripping with passion and desire!

I love you as I tie you, my ropes binding you down and your trust binding you to me.

I love you as you struggle to breathe, the weight of my body pressing down upon your face. You are my throne and I am exalted to the highest ranks. Your Queen, Your Goddess, Your World.

You. Are. Mine.

The lust I feel for you knows no bounds. It stretches beyond all I’ve ever known and takes me to places I could never reach without you by my side, or at my feet.

There are those that will mistake my love for harm. Those that will see your submission as weakness. They do not understand how you are treasured and cared for and how it takes strength to kneel before another and give yourself over completely.

For some, lust begins and ends with the desire to fuck, and I understand that, it is wonderful to writhe naked together, as bodies entwine and climax takes hold, leaving your sexual urges sated.

For me though, my lust for you, begins and ends, with everything you are. 

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7 thoughts on “[Erotica] Longing For You

  1. This is beautiful Floss. I love the contrast between public and private where ‘I love you freely, in my way, in our way.’

  2. Reblogged this on dave94015 and commented:
    She is not aching to be fucked him [but] to bite, beat and hear him beg for mercy…’I love you as I tie you, my ropes binding you down and your trust binding you to me.’

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