[Erotica] A Friend in Need

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I closed the door behind me, leaning against it as I did so and closing my eyes. I was leaving my friend’s house to get ready for a date I didn’t want to go on, in an outfit I didn’t want to be wearing, to eat food I wasn’t hungry for and to drink wine I didn’t want, but would most definitely need!

As I stood there contemplating why on earth I was doing this to myself, I made a split second ‘fuck it’ decision. I grabbed my phone out of my bag, sent an all to brief apology cancelling my date ‘because a friend needed me’, which, in my defence wasn’t entirely false and knocked on the door to be let back in.

In the few minutes I had been gone she had already begun to change, and my first thought upon seeing her was ‘oh hell no’. She had started to change into her ‘on the prowl’ outfit, which meant she was planning to go out, get drunk and shag the most inappropriate man she could. All because her douchebag on again/off again boyfriend had stood her up, again.

When I first met her I loved how open she was about sex and all the kinky fun she enjoyed. Her positive attitude to both was amazing and I began to learn so much from her. She owned her decisions, was happy in a few open but fairly casual relationships and was truly living the kind of life I aspired to have myself.

All it took was one complete arsehole to turn everything on it’s head, and now she had lost her way and her identity and no amount of unsatisfying sex was going to change that. I was about to stage a one woman intervention and I had absolutely no idea how I was going to manage it.

She grabbed a bottle of wine out of the kitchen and sat on her sofa in nothing but her white shirt and lacy knickers. Feeling that alcohol was perhaps the cause of both of us making terrible decisions I snatched it off her and headed back into her kitchen to put the kettle on. Tea and sympathy for our dismal love lives were what we needed, not drunken melancholy that led to messaging completely incompatible potential dates on the myriad of dating sites we were both frequenting of late.

‘What’s got into you?’ she asked, not taking her eyes off me.

She stared at me with mild fury as I placed her tea on her coffee table, I was not going to be forgiven easily for putting the kibosh on wine consumption. It was a good question, what had got into me? Suddenly I was furious at us both. We were smart, attractive women, with decent personalities and we were doing fuck all to make our romantic situations any better. We’d fallen into terrible habits, that were making us miserable and I was raging.

Those thoughts turned into a mini rant, and once I stopped she burst out laughing, and even though I’d been so serious I couldn’t help but join her. Before I knew it our eyes were streaming with tears and we were both holding our stomachs as they ached from what was becoming unstoppable laughter. Finally we managed to catch our breath and calm down, and I pointed out that we really did deserve better and we should start helping each other make good relationship decisions, and not keep enabling the shitty ones.

‘Maybe we should just fuck each other to keep us from going to the dark side again.’

She giggled as she said it, and before I’d even processed my response to what was clearly a joke my mouth was making sounds I could not control …

‘Okay, let’s do that.’

My tone of voice was so serious, so certain that it silenced us both. We sat and stared at each other, neither of us having a clue what had just happened, or how to diffuse the situation.

‘You wouldn’t.’

She said simply and as if she’d said I dare you, I felt my body and mind rising to the challenge. I could feel the familiar feelings of arousal growing inside me, I knew my face was flushed too and suddenly I felt like there was a line drawn and I was not only prepared to cross it, but eager to.

‘So you’re saying that if I came over there right now, you’d what? Kiss me? Suck my tits? Finger me? Fuck me until I’m a writhing puddle of satisfied woman?’

‘All of the above, plus some extra goodies if you’re a good girl.’

She raised an eyebrow at me, it looked like a cross between ‘yeah right’ and ‘who the hell are you calling a good girl.’ Before I knew it she was on her hands and knees on the sofa, not like she was crawling though, more like a tiger getting ready to pounce. I could see the weight of her breasts pushing firm against the fabric of her shirt, her buttons straining, as if they no longer wished to perform their duty of containing her.

Without a moments thought my hand had reach out and popped the top few buttons open, her eyes widened, both in shock and anticipation I think, and without either of us knowing who made the first move our lips were pressed together and our tongues had made their way to each other and the world had faded into oblivion as we embarked on a new adventure.

My hands found her breasts, as she encouraged me with her own hands to wriggle by bottom down so I could lie back on the sofa. Her breasts felt wonderful as my hands explored them, so soft and inviting, I longed to lick them and nibble them, a feeling that increased as my thumbs rubbed over her hard nipples.

Her own hands found their way under my t-shirt, impatiently tugging at it, as I positioned myself to allow it to be pulled over my head my mouth came level with her breasts. My lips and tongue descended upon them, and her reaction was instantaneous. Head thrown back, moans of pleasure dripped from her lips, so sweet and addictive, I was ravenous to hear more.

Like a woman possessed I pushed her backwards and she fell into a pile of cushions giggling, eyes sparkling with delight at what might happen next. As inviting has it had made her breasts look, I got that white shirt of her completely, the knickers were off too, I wanted to see her, all of her and I was not disappointed with what I saw. She was beautiful and sexy. Curves that ebbed and flowed, a welcoming tide, that I was certain to drown in, but it didn’t stop me diving right in.

My lips found her nipples once more, and she begin to arch her back, pushing her breasts towards me, her fingers weaving their way into my hair, holding me tight against her. For seconds at a time she takes my breath away, not figuratively but literally. She suffocates me against her boobs, and it is one of the most thrilling things to ever happen to me. With each breath that I cannot take I suck harder upon her nipples, the more she deprives me of life giving oxygen, the more I want to pleasure her. My cunt clenches in a way it has never done without physical stimulation and I can’t believe the fun we have been missing out on together.

In the flurry of exciting my knee has settled between her thighs, I suddenly become aware of how wet she is, and I am torn between tasting her and pushing my fingers deep inside her to feel her fleshy, warm cunt spasm and gush at the climax I am eager to provide for her.

Taste wins and I pepper kisses down her body until I reach her folds. She’s plump and swollen, I am so freakin’ excited by how aroused she is, that I forego my usual slow and sensual start to oral proceedings and just plunge my mouth and tongue into her cunt, grinding my face against her, desperate to reach every part of her I can.

She responds favourably and is soon gripping my hair again, writhing beneath me, moaning, panting, crying out for more. My mind goes blank and all I can do is fuck her with my mouth, I don’t remember the last time I was this turned on, and one hand instinctively reaches for my own cunt, while the other is firm against one of her breasts.

I’m as wet as she is, my fingers begin to work furiously, alternating between clit and cunt, clit and cunt, over and over again, careful not to take myself too close to the edge though, I don’t want to come before her her, with her or after her, but not before.

Her orgasm isn’t far away though, I can feel her body beginning to lose control beneath me. Muscles tensing, shudders and shakes are becoming her primary movements, her moans have turned to a stream of expletives, she dirty talks to herself, to me, as she narrates the final moments before she comes.

‘Fuck. Yes, fuck me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Dirty bitch, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck!’

Over and over again she repeats the words that alongside my physical efforts are edging us both ever closer to orgasms that promise to be mind blowing.

One of her hands moves to her clit, so we are both helping ourselves along, and I realise I love doing this with her, especially with my mouth still firmly suctioned against her now dripping wet cunt. My face is covered in her musky wetness and it feels amazing.

Her body begins to stiffen beneath me, that tell tale shaking still present though as her orgasm begins to take hold, possessing every inch of her body, forcing itself through her, out of her and into her all at once. She cries out like a wild animal, it is raw, primal and makes me finger myself harder and I know in that moment I want to do the same to her soon. Fuck her hard and deep with my fingers so she makes that noise again.

My mouth still hasn’t stopped as she engages in what appears to be an exorcism, though I’m not sure if we’ve fucked a demon out of her or into her. Just as my own, somewhat milder orgasm takes hold, hers reaches its peak and her cunt gushes it approval of our dalliance and my face is drenched, and my mouth is rewarded for its ongoing efforts.

We both flop, her against the sofa, me against the soft flesh of her tummy. Hand stroke softly now, with calming affection and it feels like we’ve finally both made a good decision. After a few minutes she stands up, takes my hand and leads me into the shower and I get the feeling another new adventure is beginning, in more ways than one.

This was submitted to Masturbation Monday and was inspired by this weeks photo prompt which was provided by the wonderful May More, whose blog is definitely worth a visit. Please do check out the other submissions for this week, and previous weeks for some seriously sexy reads.


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  1. Holy fucking hell, this is HAWT. And also, sometimes I wonder if that might not be the right intervention for a few people I know…a good fucking from the person you might least suspect. 😉

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