[Photography] Where He Belongs

Ownership isn’t part of the dynamic I have with Bakji, as intense as it is our kink dynamic is fairly casual and is only in place during a scene. During those scenes though he is all Mine and by that token I can do as I wish with him, and that is truly wonderful. This weekend we had two amazing scenes and I feel like this picture I took not only encapsulates this weeks prompt of ‘underneath’ but highlights a lot of what I love about our kinky sessions.

Underneath Me. Beneath Me. Branded. With Blood.

Sinful Sunday is all about the image, and the lovely people who join in create some outstanding photos, so please do take the time to visit more of the entries. I’m sure they would all appreciate some likes and comments if you really enjoyed their piece. Click the link below the lips to find this weeks link up. 

Who else is being Sinful this Sunday?


14 thoughts on “[Photography] Where He Belongs

  1. You KNOW I’m gonna love the writing on him! This looks sexy and somehow, even without his face showing, Bakji’s body language says expectant as well as restrained. Fun times!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Diagonal photos is my speciality! And is of course done 100% on purpose, because I am totally awesome and has nothing to do with getting more things into the shot, lol. x

    1. It was our first time doing it together to be honest, though I’ve thought about it for a long time. It will definitely be something we revisit 🙂 x

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