[SinfulSunday] Advice From a Rainbow

Advice From a Rainbow 

Live a Colourful Live

Be an Inspiration

Bring Unexpected Joy

See Beauty in Life’s Curves

Be Someone to Look Up To

Live in the Moment

Reflect your True Nature



I don’t have any advice that is better than that of a rainbow. Seriously that advice is pretty much how I try and live my life. I do however have some thoughts on being yourself, sharing your true and awesome colours and shining bright and beautiful in your own unique way.

I believe that confidence is sexy.

Sometimes for me confidence is glitter, My Little Pony, tutus and rainbows.

I also believe that I am a kick ass FemDom and I have seen too many women say they can’t be the same because ‘they don’t fit the type‘!

Oh hell no!

You can be anything you want to be and don’t let the haters and the ‘one true way’ brigade tell you otherwise.

What I really want to be is a My Little Pony.

And nobody is gonna stop me!

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26 thoughts on “[SinfulSunday] Advice From a Rainbow

  1. I love your confidence Floss. You always appear so enthusiastic and brimming in self belief. Your inspirational words certainly fill me withs lots of oomph. Your photo is a delight. It is tutu wonderful!

    1. You know I very nearly linked to that song on at the end of the post, put didn’t want to inundate people with stuff. Such a good song though 🙂

  2. “You can be anything you want to be and don’t let the haters and the ‘one true way’ brigade tell you otherwise.” Absolutely ALL the yes to this and I love your rainbow tutu

  3. Go Floss! great to hear your Rainbow/Pony/FemDom manifesto and appreciate your delightful photos.

  4. Confidence is sexy and the words you wrote here are just fab. You got it all going on girl 😉

  5. This is an ex goth talking who still loves everything dark and moody but you can’t beat a rainbow I love them and I want your tutu…it’s adorable!

    1. It was an eBay bargain from China, lol. It has led lights on and everything! 🙂 I am also a once upon a time goth too, and I am very much into everything dark and moody, I think both ends of that spectrum actually compliment each other very well. Who hasn’t got both dark and light in them 🙂 x

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