Episode 55 – Humiliaton with Princess Kali

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Princess Kali is our guest for this episode and we could not have been more excited to speak to her. Her book Enough To Make You Blush was one of Floss’ early and favourite resources when she was beginning her journey into FemDom. Getting to talk to people whose work we genuinely enjoy is one of the awesome bonuses of doing the podcast.


Princess Kali has been on many podcasts discussing not only her book, but also sharing her approach to Domination and her work with Kink Academy. Which is another great resource for kink education. This however did mean that thinking up new and interesting questions for her was a tricky task. That said though we are really excited to bring you this episode and feel like we’ve got some great information to share with you.

Humiliation can sometimes be a kink that many people will respond to with ‘Oh yeah, I’m not into that’, with a little bit of exploration though there can often be many fun and erotic entry points for us to explore the vast variety of erotic humiliation. From mild embarrassment to hardcore degradation.

While we had Princess Kali with us we tried to get you the best information we could on why people might engage in erotic humiliation and what potential elements of it you might find pleasure in, whether that is as a Top or as a bottom. We also discuss how to get the conversation started if you feel like you’d like to explore erotic humiliation but have no idea where to begin.

If you would like to find out more about Princess Kali and Enough To Make You Blush you can do so by using the following links:





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6 thoughts on “Episode 55 – Humiliaton with Princess Kali”

    1. We don’t always release the main episodes on Patreon though we do try to if they are ready early. Our FemDom and Fetish Fun spin-off is the main draw for Patrons.

      What are using to try and listen on? There should be an app suitable fore most smartphones and the Libsyn page can be accessed from a browser or from a phone. If that’s of no use and you want to let me know what’s causing you the trouble I will try and help find a solution 🙂

      Floss x

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      1. I’ve been able to listen to a couple of podcasts. I’ve been unable to figure out how to succeed with others. I will try the Libsyn page. I do have a couple of podcast apps, but can’t seem to find your podcast to listen to. An area of technology that I’m weak in.

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      2. Ah okay. If you search for us using proudtobekinky so all one word no capitals then we should pop up. That seems to be the stumbling block for most people who can’t find us 🙂

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