[Kink] The Tease of Chastity

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I recently commented on a piece of my erotica that myself and Bakji have recently had a failed attempt at male chastity. A regular reader collaredmichael asked what happened and suggested it might be a future blog post. At the time I said it was a short story, and not really worthy of its own post, however the whole situation is starting to become more and more ludicrous, so perhaps now is the time to share.

Myself and Bakji have been discussing trying a cock cage for a fair while now. While we are not currently looking to explore long-term chastity, we are very keen to incorporate it into our scenes, and I have high hopes for using it when we spend weekends together. My imagination is completely captivated by this idea, as two recent erotic tales involving chastity probably shows.

This is probably one of my top kinks that I am excited to explore. Which meant I was very excited when we got our hands on a cock cage free of charge. Now granted it was a fairly entry-level cage, we were warned that it wasn’t great for long-term use, and was likely to pinch at times. The general consensus however was that it would probably be adequate for our current needs and would at least give us a an idea of how we felt about chastity once we’d actually engaged in it.  

Initially I told Bakji that he wasn’t allowed to try the cage alone, I soon realised though that trying it together presented a problem. The problem being that together usually equals boner! So I caved and sent Bakji away with it, I did however request that I received a picture once it once on!

I got a message a few hours later, a message not a picture, all was not well in chastity land. There is no way to tell this story without sounding like I am bragging, about a willy that isn’t mine, but actually kind of is mine, so I’m just going to say it as it is and we can deal with whether or not I sound smug later on. Basically the cock we have at our disposal is too big for the cage in question. I could not hold in my giggles as Bakji sent many whatsapp message regaling the attempts he had made.  

We then went on to measure Bakji and to measure the cage and there was no disputing that there was a big size issue, we needed one that allowed for a larger girth. I then headed to the internet to looking at some more cages, now I knew the kind of circumference we were in need of. Well … it was not a successful endeavour, I could not find one, across about 5 sites that would be adequate.

Not one to give up easily, Bakji decided to give the cage another try. He lubed up, and got a bit forceful, only to discover that even when forced on, which wasn’t exactly ideal, the cage only encased the lower third of his cock, and the ring for the base was so tight it was distractingly uncomfortable. All in all, that is not really how I want our chastity experience to be. I don’t want him to be in constant unpleasant pain. I want it be sexy, and restrictive and full of tease.

We have received little bits of advice from people here and there from discussing this online and on the podcast and I feel awful when I have to rebuff all the suggestions, because again how do we state our problems without sounding boastful. One of the suggestions was that we needed to be putting the cage on after climax, when the cock has gone flaccid. To which I had to confess that Bakji doesn’t go soft after he’s climaxed. Obviously he does eventually, he isn’t perpetually hard, but it takes time. By which point any attention I give it would make it go hard again, hence why I left him to try it himself.

What has happened now though is that this feels like a battle to be won. Me against Bakji’s willy and I am determined to win. It can try to be all big and full of ‘you can’t cage me’ bravado, but I can and I will. I am now convinced a custom cage is the way we need to go, so pennies will be saved and research will be done.

When I said this to Bakji he pointed out that this whole scenario seems to have had the inadvertent effect of teasing me more than it’s teasing him, and I hate to admit it but he’s right. The reason being though, is that it has now become an even hotter prospect because it has become a challenge. It isn’t an easy win, I can’t just do it, I’ve got to work for it, which is a similar to why I enjoy Topping Bakji. He’s a bit of a brat, and I have to work for his submission, especially the deep, spacey kind. I have to know all the buttons to push and how to push them, then I get my prize of him going all dopey and submissive. Chastity is now presenting the same level of appeal.

If anyone reading this has a larger endowed penis that is caged, or you have a custom-made cage I’d love to hear suggestions of good companies to investigate, or if you found an off the shelf cage that you think suits my requirements please let me know which make it is and where you obtained it from. I would be very, very grateful for all input, because it is not remotely fair that I am being teased by this and Bakji is not.

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2 thoughts on “[Kink] The Tease of Chastity”

  1. Try mature metal. They have great service and helpful measuring rings to determine the accurate ring size and cage diameter. Their instructions are virtually foolproof. A bit steep in cost but worth every cent!


  2. I second that, Mature Metal is fantastic! Well worth the investment. Just do your best to get the sizing as close as possible, and if you need to make small adjustments later to find a perfect fit, they are very good at working with you on that.

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