Episode 44: Rope Bottoming with Evie Vane

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Shibari is something we might have mentioned once or twice before on the podcast and because there are so many different voices to hear on it we are revisiting it again. This time with the lovely Evie Vane, a rope bottom who has written two books The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up and Better Bondage for Every Body.

Evie has been into rope for about 7 years and in that time has gathered lots of experience and information that she is now sharing with other people. It can be easy to talk yourself out of giving rope a try, it can seem very technical and often the images we see of rope bottoms in rope do not always feel relatable for some people. Evie’s latest book definitely supports the notion that rope can be for everyone.

Shibari does have many ties that you can learn step by step, there’s knots and frictions and wraps, and unfamiliar names for many things, essentially though what many of us are learning and seeking is a connection with our rope partner. That partner might be someone we will only tie once, or it might be our romantic or sexual partner, either way the connection and feelings we can explore through rope are vast.

We ask Evie what her advice would be for anyone looking to explore rope, so if you’re sat at home and you still haven’t found the encouragement you need to get out there and try rope in some way, then perhaps Evie’s episode can be the push you need. We also discuss what you can do if you’re already a bottom but feel like there are areas you would like to work on, for example flexibility or stamina.

If there any aspect of rope we haven’t covered yet that you would like to hear us discuss then please email us via hello@proudtobekinky.com. You can also get in touch on any of our social media platforms, Instagram, Twitter, Fetlife or Facebook.

You can also find Evie on social media too, her links are as follows:

Evie’s Website – ropebottoming.com

Evie Vane on Facebook

Evie Vane on Fetlife

Evie’s Books on Amazon

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