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Podcast – Upcoming Episodes & Listener Questions

So for those of you who have read most of my blog you will probably know that I also co-host a podcast called #ProudToBeKinky, you can read more about it here and hereWe have a few episodes coming up that lend themselves well to listener input. So if any of the following give inspiration to burning questions you just have to ask then please do email us (hello@proudtobekinky.com) or drop us a message here on Fetlife. 

Episode ‘Off The Cuffs’

This episode has been recorded now, and you will be able to hear it soon, it will be Episode 22 of #ProudToBeKinky. You can also hear us as guests on Off The Cuffs, we are on Episode 49 of their show. If you enjoy either podcast, or hoepfully both, please do leave a rating and review if you listen via iTunes. They mean a lot to podcasters like us is terms of getting seen.

Episode ‘Fetish Fashion’

More information to come on this one soon. We have a lovely guest coming on to chat with us about this, and between the three of us we are hoping to tackle some of issues you may encounter when trying to decide on outfits for events. So if you are at a loss for what to wear, or you need advice on anything from accessories to zip placements (this can be important for … you know … sexy stuff) then drop us a line and we will do our best to get you dolled up in your best finery, look sexy as can be for your next event.

Episode ‘Relationship Management’ and ‘Switching’

So myself (Floss) and Bakji have quite specific ways in which we conduct our relationship. This is a something we have done consciously and for reasons that are pretty important to us. However we often find that our approach has some people a little baffled, for example when people find out we have been involved with each other for almost 2 years and have no intentions of ever living together, it always raises more questions than it answers. So if you have any questions for us on how we maintain our relationship. Including any questions that relate to our Switch Dynamic then feel free to ask, any questions are valid, even those of a more personal nature. People who read my blog may actually have more insight into this than our listeners, I do tend to do a lot of the personal rambling here. 


4 thoughts on “Podcast – Upcoming Episodes & Listener Questions

  1. @collaredmichael In that case I clearly don’t talk about it enough :p Please do come and check us out, we have so much fun doing it, but interaction with listeners is what makes it worthwhile 🙂 x

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    • Well I found your podcasts. Listened to number three (the first one you were on). It will be a long while before I catch up. Somehow I had you living in the United States Midwest. However I now realize I was likely about 7000 miles out in my guess. I love your accent. Very sexy. I do have questions for your next post. But if you’ve already covered them then don’t worry. However I’d like to get an idea of you and B physically. Helps me fill in the blanks so to speak.

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      • Ask away! We’ve given ourselves a bit of time before we actually do the recording. You can either ask them here or feel free to use our email hello@proudtobekinky.com. Made me giggle that you thought we were U.S based. But nope, we’re tucked away in the U.K. Hope you enjoy the rest of the episodes. Floss 🙂

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