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Back in June 2015 I met a lovely fella, who is hella gorgeous and holy-fuck sexy, which combined with the fact he is beautifully kinky has the effect of making my Princess parts feel like there’s a party in my pants every time I see him. That alone is pretty fun, and very satisfying. However, that is not where his interesting attributes end. He is also funny, and smart and driven, and has taken it upon himself to start a kinky podcast.

#ProudToBeKinky can now be found on iTunes and acast , but it has been no mean feat getting to this point. The time and effort that has gone into it is vast and I am so honoured that I have been part of making his vision come to life, and exceptionally proud of his commitment to the endeavour. I truly believe it is a fab idea, and I wholeheartedly think it is a podcast that has something to offer.

It can be really tough finding your way in the world of fetish and kink, especially if you enter as a singleton with no one to do the scary first times with. There are so many unknowns; What is a munch? What happens at a munch? What are Fetish nights like? Are people on the scene friendly? Do I need to know what I identify as? Will I be expected to know lots about BDSM? The list is endless.

What the #ProudToBeKinky podcast aims to do is make those first ventures into the scene a lot less daunting. Myself, and the three other podcast members all took those unnerving first steps onto the scene and have never looked back. We are all kinky, all proud and all really want to help other people meet like minded friends and partners.

Now, not that I’m a shameless self promoter, okay maybe I am, a little, but the first episode of the podcast that I am actually in has now been released. In this episode, which is episode #003, myself and Bakji chat about how I got into kink, and what led me to my local fetish scene. Which is pretty fun and interesting if I do say so myself. It’s also worth noting that while I’m not personally in episodes #001 and #002, they were so much fun to listen to, so do check them out as well.

So for anyone who has seen my instagram, or read my writing in the various places it pops up, now is the chance to get to hear the voice that goes with all that. I understand completely if you all wee a little bit from excitement, it really is the dog’s doo-dahs!

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