[Erotica] Addressing His Needs

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Image via Pinterest. Source Unknown.  I often mention Sinful Sunday on my blog, either when submitting and image or as part of #SoSS posts when I am able to do them. When perusing the submissions for the first weekend of June, which was prompt week, one particular image inspired a line of thinking that ended […]

June 11, 2018

[Erotica] All It Takes Is The Right Toy …

#MasturbationMonday, Alternative Lifestyles, BDSM, D/s, Erotic Humiliation, Erotica, Femdom, Kink, Writing, Writing Prompt

  I’ve got the sex toys. I’ve got the porn, or the sexy imagination depending on my mood. The ambience is set, the lube is out. I’ve got everything, except the orgasm. It’s time to admit defeat. I’m bored and I know the reason why. I’ve got a better toy, a bigger toy, a living, […]

August 7, 2017