[Photography] Identity

#SinfulSunday, #WriteBigSexyWords, Bisexuality, Erotic Photography, Every Damn Day In June 2020, Life, Sexuality

I was totally stumped for a prompt image for this weekend’s Sinful Sunday, then I wonder if Violet had any words beginning with i in her June selection of Big Sexy Words and as it happens she does, identity. I then realised it was a perfect time to showcase my snazzy new trousers which I […]

June 7, 2020

[That’s My Kink] Fingering

Sex, That's My Kink

Of all the activities I have left on my list to write about for That’s My Kink I realised only four of them are directly related to sexual activity. Fingering, oral sex, handjobs and sex toys. Everything else can be enjoyed with or without genital involvement. Feeling a little indecisive I took to Twitter to […]

July 11, 2019