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I Wish I’d Taken the Photo

I wish I’d taken the photo.

He’s lying on his back, one arm at his side, the other folded under his head. The fact it is post sex means he is beautifully naked. Exactly as he should be all the time in my opinion. The gym sessions are showing, muscle definition is popping in all the right places. In all honestly I want to have the sex all over again as I look at him.

I wish I’d taken the photo.

Why is it then, if he is so glorious, that I am thinking of you?

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Ten Songs That Give Me Sexy Feels

When Bakji and I get our kink on we don’t always play to music, but when we do I love the vibe the songs I enjoy add to the atmosphere. I know a lot of people don’t enjoy playing alongside music at all, but I’m always intrigued to see what songs make the list for those of us that do. 

Get ready to feel sexy, because these are my top 10 songs (in no particular order) that get my sexy motor running. I’m going to give you 5 that get me feeling dirty, mean and extremely FemDom and 5 that slow me down, and give way to the softer feels that our D/s exchanges give me.

Sick Like Me by In This Moment

Is it sick of me
To need control of you?
Is it sick to make
You beg the way I do?

I love this song so much. It is my FemDom anthem. When I put this song on I can feel my internal FemDom pulling on her gloves and heels and getting ready for action. It is so sexy to play to as well. Just to clarify I don’t think I am ‘sick’ for being into the things I am, but if it legitimately was a sickness I would not want the cure. Other In This Moment songs on my list are Adrenalize and Whore.

Perfect Drug – Nine Inch Nails

I got my head but my head is unraveling
Can’t keep control can’t keep track of where it’s traveling
I got my heart but my heart’s no good
You’re the only one that’s understood

Not only is this song super sexy and perfect for kinky play times, there is a Fetish porn video out there with this song as it’s accompaniment. It is beyond hot. This song gives me so many sexy images in my head.  Other NIN songs on my list are Closer and Ringfinger.

Personal Jesus – Marilyn Manson

Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who cares

Something about Marilyn Manson’s music seems to ooze eroticism for me. Esepcially when he takes a decent song and makes it so much darker and better. Personal Jesus, You’re So Vain and Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) all feature on my sexy tunes playlist.  

Pony – Ginuwine

The things I will do to you
You and your body
Every single portion
Send chills up and down your spine
Juices flowing down your thigh

I am not going to lie … I love the Magic Mike films, Channing Tatum is fucking dreamy as they come, and watching him gyrate his hips and flex his muscles gives me literal tingles in the foo area. The soundtrack to Magic Mike XXL is awesome and this is one of my favourites. For anyone who finds the objectification of male strippers or the male form offensive, you probably shouldn’t watch the video below!

Lie – Black Light Burns

These animals, they operate
On jealousy and lust
I’m taking back what was lost
And I will not be denied

Not only do I enjoy the sexiness of this song, but also the video too. Not only is it musically sexy but it has certain words in there that trigger my kinky feels when used in the right context. I’m a big fan of the whole album this song comes off and another particular favourite is Cruel Melody which also features during sexy times.

Bruises – Lewis Capaldi

I’ve been told, I’ve been told to get you off my mind
But I hope I never lose the bruises that you left behind
Oh my lord, oh my lord, I need you by my side

Fair warning this song isn’t really sexy, or kinky, it’s about breaking up and missing something you had with someone. When I hear the word bruises sang so beautifully though I just go to a place of the feels.

Fall at your Feet  – Boy and Bear

And whenever I fall at your feet
You let your tears rain down on me
Whenever I touch your slow turning pain

I think most people know the original of this by Crowded House. While I love that version, there is something about the Boy and Bear cover that just puts a totally different spin on it for me. From beginning everything about this song just screams D/s dynamic to me. Not just from a kink perspective either, this song always makes me think about the intimacy of D/s and how it has helped me build a connection with Bakji in a way I never have with anyone else.

Wicked Game – Stone Sour

What a wicked game you played to make me feel this way
What a wicked thing to do to let me dream of you

I have always been a huge fan of this song, and the Chris Isaak original is glorious. There are so many covers of this song, many of which are really decent versions of it. There is something about the Stone Sour version though that just makes my heart ache. I think it’s the rougher, rockier edge to it. It’s less of a ballad and more, ‘fuck, that was a wicked game’.

Never Be The Same – Camilla Cabello

Just one hit of you, I knew I’ll never be the same
It’s you, babe
And I’m a sucker for the way that you move, babe

I’ve often said that FemDom gives me a high that is quite honestly addictive, and when I’m in full FemDom headspace it feels like something very palpable is running through my veins. This song reminds me of that feeling.

Starving – Hailee Steinfeld

I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you
Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo
By the way, by the way, you do things to my body
I didn’t know that I was starving till I tasted you

I had no idea, none at all, that I would take to FemDom with such a fierce and passionate appreciation for everything it entails. It wasn’t until I tried it with Bakji that I finally found my feet with it, and once I did, there was no stopping me. Also there is fishnet sexiness in the video, so I’m definitely putting this in the FemDom feels pile. 

Those are some of my favourites but what are yours. I’d love to hear what your favourite sexy songs are, whether that’s for kink, sex or getting a romantic vibe on the go.

Review: Nexus Revo Prostate Massager

When I received the email from Lovehoney to say we were receiving the Nexus Revo Slim Remote Controlled Rotating Silicone Prostate Massager in exchange for an honest review, I was delighted. I couldn’t wait to tell Bakji and he too was excited, as we both hoped this product would advance our adventures in prostate play.

IMG_6704Currently our best experience has been with the Lovehoney Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Massager, but the Nexus Revo promised so much more, and at the double the price I really hoped it would deliver.

In terms of aesthetics, both packaging and product are appealing. A storage pouch is also included, though having previously had two Nexus controllers break, I am inclined to keep this product in the box, just to be on the safe side.

My first thoughts on the Revo were that is feels lovely, the silicone is soft and smooth, and it feel like a good quality product. The vibrations felt nice and strong in my hand, and the rotating shaft felt like it might be a bit of a game changer in terms of prostate stimulation.

As with our previous Nexus product the controls are also easy to use, and charging is simple and effective. Charging time in somewhere under an hour, and play time is around 90 minutes. The added bonus for some people is that it is also waterproof, which not only makes it easy to clean, it can also be used for sexy bath time or shower adventures, which could potentially work out really well for those people who are worried about anal play ‘accidents’ but still really want to explore.

When the time came to use the Revo in a sexy way, we were all set. Bakji was restrained, in what i must admit was a really fun position, involving our suspension point, our gym bench and lots of rope.  I had lots of lube, my sexy medical gloves were on and we were ready to go. In terms of size, and ease of insertion this toy was great, it’s not overly daunting, and would likely be a nice first prostate massager based on that criteria. So in it went and with baited breath I turned the Revo on ….

…. Oh! Bakji’s reactions are not as intense as I’d anticipated. I immediately noticed that the vibrations and rotating shaft didn’t have the instant effect that some of our other vibrating butt plugs and prostate massagers tend to have. I tried a variety of approaches, leaving just the vibrations on, focus more on the rotating shaft, but all in all I just had a feeling it wasn’t blowing his mind, and it certainly didn’t make him blow his load. That was me, credit for that scenes ejaculation is all mine.

While we did use the Revo throughout our scene, my thoughts had turned from lots of excitement to slightly anticlimactic. Our scene was awesome and super sexy, but I couldn’t help but feel the Revo hadn’t enhanced it as much as I’d hoped. When discussing the product with Bakji afterwards he seconded my thoughts.

While the rotating shaft wasn’t at all unpleasant, he mostly knew it was one because he could hear it, as opposed to being able to feel it. It certainly wasn’t giving him the prostate massage we were promised.

The vibrations that stimulate the perineum are good, but don’t seem to stimulate as well as other products, and not really any better than holding one of my own vibrators against that area. Which I do often, so have a fair few memories of it working really well. The best part of the perineum vibrations was when I sat against it and used it for clitoral stimulation, which because the vibrations seem to be focused more on the out part of the product actually work really well.

We also had a bit of an issue with it staying in place, and it seemed determined to slide out, which isn’t great as the idea of something like this for us is for my hands to busy elsewhere while the prostate massager does its thing. While this does happen with a variety of anal toys, we have had great success with other, lower cost products staying put.

Unfortunately when you weigh up cost versus effectiveness this product absolutely falls short. The words ‘intense p-spot massage’ are used in the product description on Lovehoney and there really wasn’t anything intense about it at all. It was definitely pleasant, and it is far from being an awful product, it’s good, but for what it costs I really do want it to be great.

If you’re new to prostate and/or anal play, don’t want anything too powerful and haveIMG_6703.jpg £149.99 burning a hole in your pocket then by all means give this a go. To be honest though it wouldn’t be our top recommendation.

This product and others will be featuring in a future episode of #ProudToBeKinky, where myself and Bakji will be discussing some of the products we have recently used and the experiences we have had with them. If there are any products you would like to hear us discuss then please do let me know, you can also contact us if you have a product you would like to send us in exchange for an honest review.


Erotica – Something Wicked This Way Comes

This post was inspired by the writing competition that is being run by the lovely Pixie over at her blog. You can find out more about this and also enter yourself by clicking here.

I can hear the rhythmic tapping of her nails, sharp enough to draw blood with the lightest touch, with a dark glossy shine seeming to emphasise their danger. She’s whispering in time to the beat of her tapping, ‘something wicked this way comes, something wicked this way comes’, over and over, the mantra that summons me.

In the darkness I keep my eyes closed, I try to will her away, to deny her the chance to entice me. I reach my hand across to the other side of the bed to feel his warmth, to keep me focused, to keep me present, as my hand finds his chest though, firm and hot beneath the icy chill of my own hand, I feel my cunt begin to tingle as my eyelids open in a flash.

I’d forgotten how beautiful she is, everything about her is dark and beguiling, apart from her skin, which seems so pale as to highlight the true depths of her darkness. Her long, glossy hair is so unnaturally black, I recall touching it once and wondering if it was coloured by all the dark wicked things she’d done. Her eyes certainly reflect the depths of depravity that make her presence so irresistible.

‘Come to me.’

At her words my body moves of it’s own accord, falling to my knees, I crawl to her, my head brushing against her thigh in affection, as a I reach her, a low, soft mewing sound leaves my mouth and I chastise myself mentally for how much I’ve missed her. As if she can read my thoughts, she reminds me how I’ve always been the same. Convinced I’m different, that I don’t need her, when we both know we are cut from the same cloth. A cloth of perversion and lust, that she wraps around me like a cocoon so I can morph into the being that she created.

As her hands curl into my hair, I can feel her arousal start to move through me. Her eagerness is palpable, her wants, her needs, are mine too. I glance over at him, sleeping soundly, so trusting, so stupid.


It shocks me to have spoken out loud, and the volume of my outburst disturbs him a little and he maneuvers himself beneath the covers and they fall away from him slightly, causing his bare chest to be revealed, his arms bent in such a way that the muscles look defined and strong even as he rests.

‘No? Really? Are you telling me you don’t think he’s stupid? Even though he hasn’t noticed what you are? That he hasn’t realised you are to be worshipped, to be obeyed. You know I speak the truth, you know once you’ve shown him, once he understands, things will be better, you will be better.’

She was right that I needed to feel better, I’d been trying to ignore the drop in my mood and energy levels. I knew that focusing on those feelings would cause her to surface, that she would summon me to her, to make sure I made use of him, I would take from him what I needed, until he was too broken to give me anymore. They always broke, always. None of them were ever strong enough to play with me for long. I was encouraged not to get attached, to use them then throw them away. I had no use for broken toys after all. The problem with this one was that I had become far too attached, hence my reluctance to return to her, to embrace the part of me that revelled in the pain and humiliation that we caused together.

‘It’s time. Stand.’

As I stood before her, the familiar feelings started to rise within me, power, lust, pure, unadulterated joy, he was going to be mine, completely mine. The knowledge that he would unable to resist gave me a giddy, excitable energy, this was why she was impossible to resist, this feeling was too good to give up on.

We are one now as I move towards him, I am her, or she is me, it’s hard to know which it is, all I know is that I feel alive again. Even more so as I straddle him, my hands moving against his body, which begins to move beneath me, gentle, small motions of response, his cock hard against me. I laugh inwardly at how easy it is, at how little effort is required to make him want me. She’s right, he is stupid, stupid in his simplicity, his brain oblivious to what is in front of him, so long as his sexual needs are being met.

As my fingers entwine with his, pinning his hands to the bed, his eyes finally open. He see me and smiles, then as his eyes adjust to the darkness, he see something else, he sees her, I watch as he blinks, trying to bring me back into focus, convincing himself it was a trick of the mind, that in his sleepy state he’d imagined what he saw. The concern of what he sees will be replaced with a more pressing issue though, soon he will realise that he is immobilised, completely restrained. He will be baffled as to how it happened without him noticing, he will spend far too long trying to figure out what I’ve bound him with.

The familiar pattern begins as he starts to struggle to free his limbs from their bonds, I wait patiently before I begin, for him to go through the inevitable shouting as the fear and panic sets in, before, like they all do, he will resign himself to his fate, bewitched by the idea that whatever happens it was clear that he would at least be getting some kind of sexual attention. To my surprise though his panic never came, instead he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself.

His cock was harder than I had ever seen it before and even in the darkness I could see his eyes were wide and sparkling, eager even. I knew better than to hope, but I couldn’t help but wonder if he might be a toy I could keep. I’d always wanted one I could break then mend then use again.

I move my lips towards his, brushing against them ever so slightly, but not lingering long enough to kiss him, as I take them from his reach he groans in frustration, but stops when I start to whisper against his ear.

‘Do you want to play my game?’


‘Excuse me? Yes what?’

‘Yes Goddess.’

My heart soared, he knew how to play. Maybe he wasn’t stupid after all, perhaps he knew how to worship and how to obey, perhaps he could feed her without being destroyed in the process.

I proceeded to tease and torture him. Her nails dug into his flesh, the warm trickles of blood turning sticky as my hands and my body moved against him, with every touch, be it sensual or sadistic, he moaned with pleasure, even when in pain he seemed to delight in the sensations that were flowing through him. I could feel her getting lost in him, she was becoming greater than me, soon I would be silenced and he would be at her mercy, only then would I know if he was resilient enough to keep.

Her focus is absolute. He is everything to her right now. I exist only in the tiniest recess of her mind, silenced and stunned, as she unleashes herself upon him. She whispers something in his ear, and he moans with obvious arousal. She then proceeds to slap his face, he is momentarily silenced, before moaning again while his hips thrust, his hard, desperate cock searching for some way to find pleasure and release.

My own focus is concentrated on how hard he is, on how desperately I want him inside me and I feel her ebb away briefly to give me space to take what it is I want. The pleasure as his cock sinks into my hot, wet cunt is almost unbearable. It never feels this good without her.

I bend my head to kiss him, as my body moves against his, as he responds with thrusting, eager hips, causing a crescendo of orgasms to ripple through me, over and over again and I become aware of his voice, barely audible over my own moans.

‘Yes Goddess. Yes, use me, take it, take me, I’m yours, use me. Take it. All of it. All of me. Yes. Yes. Yes.’

This had never happened before. No one had ever embraced us in this way, no one had ever wanted us like this. He however, seemed to thrive beneath the power she gave me. Before I had realised what was happening I’d released him from his restraints, his hands moved against my body, holding me tight with a passion I had never felt. He made no effort to take control though, he remained beneath me, allowing me to fuck him with fevered desire, encouraging me, getting lost in his submission to me.

With a strength that rendered me so worn out it had to be the end of my fun, my final orgasm coincided with his own, and he groaned like a wild animal, as he finally succumbed to the release he had most definitely earned.

The next day he seemed delighted with our new found fun, he commented on how well I looked, that clearly being in control gave me a healthy glow. He had seen her, but he seemed unable to separate her from me, despite the contrast between my blues eyes and her black, or my light wavy hair, against the deep, straight black of hers. He didn’t seem to understand, or perhaps he didn’t care that together we fed her demonic needs, that she fed on his pain, on his blood, on his seed. Which meant we continued to feed the demon together, her visits becoming so frequent that it became entirely impossible to know where she began and I ended. I was now at all times her, dark, twisted and depraved and finally I felt free.


Compersion, Trust and Brain Niggles

Back in September I wrote ‘The Feeling When … New Things Are Awesome’, and yes I’m aware I use the word awesome far too much, but I like it, loads, so you’re stuck with it. In that writing I covered some of my thoughts on compersion, and how I’d finally experienced it in some way, which I thought I never would. I debated whether or not writing about it again was worthwhile, for fear I might repeat myself and not add anything new to the mix, then I thought about it more and realised there is always more to unpack when it comes to non-monogamy.

“Compersion: A feeling of joy when a partner invests in and takes pleasure from another romantic or sexual relationship.”

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Episode 51 – Sex Toys with Aurora Glory

Aurora Glory joins us for this episode. Yes that is right, we have a guest with us again. We were delighted to have the chance to chat to Aurora, about everything from sex toys, to lube and of course blogging.

We start off this episode with a very important question. That you won’t want to miss. A long and earth shattering debate is finally put to rest. Want to know more, then you will have to listen in. Once that is cleared up though we move onto the juicy stuff .. sex toys. We ask Aurora how she got started with reviewing sex toys, and how that led to her starting a blog.

Floss has got her own fair share of sex toys nestled away in the bedroom, and wondered if she was alone in her favourite not being the high-quality toys people usually mentions a favourites. Turns out she is alone in this. Aurora’s favourite toy is definitely one of the higher quality and well recommended toys. One that Floss doesn’t have but is keen to get.

While we all know sex toys are more popular than ever, and rightly so. There do seem to be some other things that still aren’t the norm to use when it comes to masturbating and for sexual encounters with a partner, and one of those things is lube. We talk to Aurora about what it is she loves about reviewing lube, and discuss why it is that so many people still aren’t regular users.

The day before we spoke to Aurora her blog turned one! So we obviously couldn’t let the conversation pass without having a chat about her blog too. We discussed what inspired her to start a blog, whether or not it has been what she imagined and what her plans for the future of her blog are. We also ask what her top tips would be for anyone out there who is looking to start a blog.

You can find Aurora in the following places:

You can of course find us in those same places to, our website is also now up and running so you can go to www.proudtobekinky.com and read our blog posts there as well as in our show notes. To find us on other social media platforms simply search for proudtobekinky, all one word, no spaces. However if you would like to find us on Patreon, you will need to click on the following link, www.patreon.com/proudtobekinky, Due to us being an NSFW account you cannot search for our content.

As regular listeners will know we are part of the Podcast Jukebox Network, along with our friends from Off the Cuffs, Drinks with God, Parking Lot Radio and the Will Sean Podcast. We are all available on most podcast apps, and only two of us are kink related shows, so if your interests vary do check the other shows out too.

#MasturbationMonday: Borrowing his Toy

Masturbation-Monday-banner-1This post was inspired by #MasturbationMonday, to join in or to see more of the posts written for this go to weeks prompt go to http://masturbationmonday.kaylalords.com.

I walked into the guest bedroom, to deliver fresh towels for her shower and the view I was confronted with stopped me in my paces. Lying on the bed, already undressed, her back her bum, her long shapely legs all there for me to see and enjoy. My cunt twitched and my imagination started to kick in. Oh the things I could do to her, the things I had done to her, but not now, she wasn’t here for me. She was here for him, and I had promised myself I would not interfere.

As I made my presence known, she sat up and span around to face me. Her nakedness was of no issue to her, legs relaxed, casually displaying what I saw to be a wet and ready cunt. Why? Why did she have to look so bloody enticing? The sparkle in her eyes didn’t help much either, she always looked so playful and eager. Even when we were doing mundane things like eating dinner or taking a walk. She was like a playful, lovable puppy, and about as hard to resist as one too.

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