[Erotica] Pissturn Alley

#friflash, Erotica, Humiliation Erotica

Image originally by Charlie who you can find at sexblogofsorts. Content Warning: Humiliation, degradation and Urination ‘Same time. Same place.’ ‘Can’t we go somewhere else? Just once?’ ‘No. 9 pm. Don’t make me wait.’ At 8.55 pm I am in place. Halfway up the stone alleyway of stairs, I stand reading the endless graffiti, as […]

April 13, 2019

[Erotica] The Lucky Horseshoe

#friflash, Erotica

Inspired by the featured image originally taken by May More, who is as talented as she is sexy and as sexy as she is lovely, which means you asbolutely need to visit her blog and show her some love. The black horseshoe stands out against the iridescent paleness of her skin. Usually hidden beneath her […]

January 18, 2019

[Erotica] Kitchen Counter

Erotica, Sex

Image Via Pixabay ‘Wine?’ I watch as the chilled wine splashes into a large wine glass, his hand then sliding the glass towards me across the smooth marble kitchen top. I raise the glass to my lips and I down it in one. It’s not the way I imagine he expected me to drink it, […]

January 9, 2019

[Erotica]The Leather Couch

#friflash, Sex

Featured image by F Dot Leonora. My bare skin sticks to the leather couch, my knickers down, my skirt up, access for fingers and tongue to fuck. Barely visible in the darkness a face gazes down upon me, her painted mouth agape seductively as if inviting someone to fill it. My own lips mimic hers […]

December 13, 2018