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[Erotica] The Golden Stream

Content Warning: Watersports/Urination Play 

You look at me eyes wide and your mouth open, you’re being such good boy. Well the eye contact makes you a good boy, the open mouth just means the gag is doing its job. Keeping your mouth open and accessible to me at all times.

Your eyes sparkle with a mixture of excitement and trepidation! Is it just a threat? Part of the tease and something to add to the intensity of our scene. Or do I really mean to do it this time!

I straddle you and bound as you are you are unable to do much more than attempt to wriggle! I watch as your chest heaves as your breathing speeds up and your eyes fix on my cunt! The cunt you love so much, you’ve licked it, fucked it, fingered it, made it gush, made it clench, made me scream in delight at the attention you’ve paid it. Never have you drowned beneath it though.

Never has my warm, wet piss flowed over you. Drenching you in my scent, marking you as Mine.

Never until now!

I position myself above your mouth and I watch as your body tenses and your eyes are forced wider still by the uncertainty you now face! I suspect part of you doesn’t want to watch, but that part of you that aches for me to do unspeakable things to you is delighted by the prospect of my warm golden stream filling your mouth.

I’m poised, ready and even I wonder if someday is going to be today. If the urge have you taste me in a new way will be fulfilled. I don’t know when this desire became more than a tease, more than a threat to heighten your experience while we played. When, I wonder, did it become overwhelming and magnificent in its appeal.

I feel my muscles clench and release. Someday is today and I watch as a stream of piss flows onto your chin. I gauge the reaction in your eyes and the slightly horrified sparkle tells me I can go further. I tilt my pelvis ever so slightly, clenching my muscles to stop the flow and releasing to fill your mouth.

Filling your mouth is actually just gracing your tongue with a small but delicious quantity! You can’t close your mouth to swallow and I watch as your tongue moves awkwardly to allow your throat access to this new and addictive nectar.

A full and well prepared bladder means I can change position once more, this time strong and continuous upon your chest. The ropes that bind you are darkening as they absorb in a way your skin can not. My eyes follow the lines and knots of the rope works across your body and I notice how my flowing piss trickles across your flesh. My eyes are drawn downwards to your cock and if ever there was a doubt that your arousal for this matches my own, your cock, hard, twitching and eager removes all doubt.

My cunt finally stops in its mission to drench you because the mission has been completed with great success. My fingers wrap around your erection, and all I can think about is turning you into a wetter and messier pile of ruination. As always my hand is exceptionally efficient in making this happen.

You grunt, groan and shudder your way to orgasm, all louder and more forceful than normal as they escape through your open mouth which is still forced open by the gag, drool has also found its way to freedom making your chin shiny with saliva and this further fuels my need to see your belly covered in your own spunk. My hand begins its final sprint towards your climax and I am not disappointed.

You come hard, it looks violent and painful as it creates pleasurable havoc within you and forces the fruits of my labour from your body in hot, messy spurts. As I hoped for, you are covered, belly to chest, you are a beautiful sticky, wet mess.

I remove your gag and kiss you, and you pull back a little, worried that you are covered or drool or might taste like piss. None of that matters to me though. I straddle you, feeling your spunk soaking through my flimsy excuse for a dress, as I hold your face between my hands and kiss you with as much passion with which you came.

Someday was today and today was deliciously depraved.

This blog post was inspired by this weeks Wicked Wednesday prompt of ‘Someday’. Please follow the link below to see who else has submitted and leave them some love.

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[Erotica] Cleaning Up Her Mess

Content Warning: Themes of Humiliation and Degradation included 

‘It’s frivolous. You’re frivolous. Don’t you realise some us struggle to pay our bills each month.’

The conversation was always the same with Jane, I wouldn’t  mind so much if she wasn’t nursing a rather expensive bottle of wine as we spoke, and if there was even truth in nature of a my frivolity.

‘What is your indiscretion?’ I hear you cry. I must confess, I have a cleaner. At least this is what Jane thinks. What I actually have though is a willing and consenting submissive, who gains an awful lot of pleasure of being allowed to do various household tasks for me, in exchange I reward her for her good behaviour. She’s adorable and eager to please which means my house is always spotless. She also has a variety of cleaning outfits that without fail brighten my day when I see them.

My phone pings with today’s outfit in question, and as I go to open it Jane sighs loudly and starts a tirade of how she hates mobiles and how there is no peace in the world any more, again I wouldn’t mind but she was on the phone for 30 minutes of our current 2 hour lunch date. When I check my message and see her delightful French Maids outfit and the feather duster in her hand, I am done, lunch is finished and I am going home to inspect her efforts.

As I open the door I can hear her rustling around in the kitchen, as I enter I am not disappointed by the view I am greeted with. Kneeling down, cleaning the floor, her tiny skirt is no match for her beautiful bottom and it is on full display. I love her bum. Biting it, beating it, grabbing it, all of which we might indulge in later, if she has completed her tasks to the required standard.

I wander around the house, checking all the agreed upon areas of inspection. Everything is as it should be, until I reach the bathroom. My mirrors are usually gleaming after she has cleaned them, today though they are streaky and peppered with finger marks. She knows the punishment for this infraction, and while I was excited to reward her, it is my job to give her what she needs, and what she needs right now is reprimanding.

When I reach the kitchen she is sitting on her assigned chair waiting for my feedback. The look on her face tells me she already knows what is coming though.

‘On your feet.’

She stands but there is apprehension in her body language, she will follow every order I issue, but she will do so wishing she did not have to. Wishing she could say no, wondering why she didn’t just clean the mirror properly. Of course she can say no if she wants to, she can use her words to explain that she doesn’t want this anymore, but she won’t, she never does, because above all else, this part of her that brought her to me.

I spread her legs as she rests her hands on the kitchen table. Her panties are soaked through, and I move them aside so my fingers can explore the wetness of her folds. As my fingers move inside her cunt, my words being to weave inside her mind, I whisper at her ear, soft and wicked, as I begin to strip away her decency and turn her into the puddle of nothing she desires to be.

‘You’re a disgrace. Fucking useless. My mirror is filthy. Your mind is too full of perversions to focus properly. You’re a dirty girl, a bad girl, just a filthy fucking slut if I’m being honest.’

With every word I speak she gets wetter and wetter, she is whimpering too, and I know she will cry. Her tears will fall and as I watch that happen my cunt will spasm and I’ll be left with no other options than to fuck her useless we’ve both faded into oblivion. That is later though, now I must teach her a lesson.

As my fingers increase their efforts to fuck her to orgasm, her moaning becomes more desperate and the wanton slut in her shines through.

‘What are you girl?’

‘A filthy fucking slut Miss.’ She says in one breath, then lets out a groan of pleasure to punctuate it.

‘Really? Just a filthy fucking slut.’

‘No Miss. I’m your filthy fucking slut.’

Yes. Yes she is. Mine, all mine and that’s why I must be firm with her, because what my slut needs, my slut gets and what she needs right now is to be debased and ruined, so she can feel free and complete.

My tirade on her mind continues as my fingers pound into her. I use all the words I know humiliate her, I tap into to those part so of her that no-one else knows about. I dig deep and use her shame against her, all the while making her more and more aroused, to the point that she is begging to come.

‘Please Miss. Please Miss. Please can I come, I can’t … I’

I make her wait, just a few moments longer. Her legs can barely hold her weight now, and her ragged breathing and desperate pleas are becoming so intense I could cry with happiness. I just want a little more of it, a little more of her desperation to feed the wickedness within.

Then it’s time. I can feel her cunt beginning to clench around my fingers in a way that tells me she will not be able to hold off much longer. My fingers pound into her, hard and fast, right against that spot she loves to hate. She will fill the air with cries of ‘no’ and ‘please stop’, and if I stopped she would cry out furiously and beg me to keep going. I don’t stop today though, today I give her exactly what she deserves.  

She comes hard against my fingers, the warm, wet product of my efforts gushing over my hand and onto the nice, clean floor. She falls to her knees, she is as I predicted crying, great sobbing gasps as she kneels in a pool of her own creation. It isn’t over yet though, her punishment has only just begun.

‘You now what to do. Be a good girl and clean up your mess.’

She looks up at me with tear stained cheeks, her make-up smeared all over her face. She looks like a wreck and in my opinion extraordinarily beautiful. The looks in her eyes is pleading, please don’t make me do this they say. I must though, without this bit, she will retain some dignity and she needs to be stripped of that completely.

‘Do it.’ and as always she needs some physical encouragement, my fingers twist into her hair and I push her face into the mess she has made, reminding her once more that she’s a naughty girl who deserves to be punished. I catch her eye as she begins to lap at floor, and that look is everything. Humiliated and degraded she is consumed by shame, these things she lets me to do her are beyond convention, they are, to most people’s mind depraved and disgusting. In fairness they are depraved and disgusting and that is why they are so much fun. She knows this, she knows if she tells any of her friends what we do together they would shy away and probably calls her awful names and that would not be acceptable. I am the only one who gets to call her awful names, and she loves me for it and that shows in her eyes too. Adoration for the one who embraces her perversions and set her free by reducing her to a cum cleaning slut, my beautiful cum cleaning slut.

After a few minutes she is lost to her task, eyes closed, body relaxed, she has found her happy place. Which means knowing she is content and satisfied, and I can now use her for other things.

Taking her hand I lead her upstairs, to the bathroom of all places where the dirty mirror kick started today’s fun. I glance at it again, the words ‘Please degrade me Miss’ daubed on it in soapy finger streaks. When she asks for things so nicely, it is always a pleasure to provide them for her.

Now though we climb into the shower together and I wash her hair and her body, enjoying the sight of the water cascading over her curves, my fingers trace familiar marks and blemishes, that she used to complain about me paying attention to, but now she smiles and giggles at how much I love all of her.

Her own hands explore my body and as they reach my face she pulls me into a kiss, it is filled with passion, and when we pull away she whispers a soft thank you. I am thankful too. Thankful that she trusts me enough to explore the dark places with her, to keep her safe and to makes sure I always bring her back into the light with gentle and loving aftercare. Which helps things return to a more ‘everyday’ equilibrium and our D/s dynamic ebbs away softly so it is just a quiet lapping at the shore of our being together, everyday kinds of conversation resume as she asks me how lunch was.

‘Filled with Jane’s gripes as always. But she did make me laugh once or twice, so not all bad.’

‘Does she still think I’m your cleaner?’

‘She does. We should really tell her you’re my girlfriend soon though and make proper introductions.’

‘Oh no! Not yet! Please Miss, please let’s leave it a little longer, it’s so much fun this way.’

I can’t help but laugh, ‘and people say I’m the wicked one. You my girl are every bit as wicked as me.’ With that she splashes me full in the face with the water she has collected in her hands, and I suspect a whole new kind of punishment is in her future.

This piece was inspired by the wonderful prompt image for this weeks Masturbation Monday which was originally by LittleSwitchBitch, whose blog is fabulous and you should most definitely check out.

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[Erotica] Life is Beautiful

On Monday I discussed in my Masturbation Monday post how I am trying to challenge myself as a writer. There are certain things I rarely so as a writer. I rarely if ever name my characters, and I am not great at writing pieces that follow on from one another. I thought my recent involvement in #friflash might be a really good place to stretch myself with regards to those things and it would be remiss of me not to mention that F Dot Leanora who runs the prompt, actually is one of the people who inspired me to give this a go. 

Again I ask you to bear with me while I flex my creative muscles. Things may not always be as well rounded as some of my previous pieces, but I hope over time they will start to become better as I familiarise myself with new ways to write. 

This piece follows on from last weeks Friay Flash The Cute Girl and The Pastry.

My hands shook as I dialled her number. I could have sent a text, but I couldn’t handle waiting for a response. Plus I wanted to hear her voice, and I needed to hear the tone with which she responded to my question.

She answered quickly, sure and clear with her hello, the unknown number didn’t fluster her like it would have done me.

‘Hi .. it’s .. errr, me .. from the cafe.’

‘Oh hello errrmefromthecafe. I’m so happy you called.’

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[Erotica] Sexy Explorations

I wasn’t sure I had a Monday post in me this week, my preference is to write something I can share to Masturbation Monday and as gorgeous as this weeks prompt photo is I couldn’t seem to write anything in response to it, I think perhaps the gorgeousness of it overwhelmed me. After recently trying my hand at #friflash run by F Dot Leonora and writing a review for another blogger, I wanted to challenge myself with my blog post this week.

I was initially going to give myself a word limit, but in the end I decide to use my two Storyin12 attempts from last week to inspire me. What actually happened is that I also wrote a Storyin12 for each of last weeks prompts. Those pieces are in block quotes through the writing below and the prompt word in in bold. 

Please bear with me if this doesn’t flow as well as my free formed erotica. One thing I learnt from engaging in the Smut Marathon earlier this year is that I don’t necessarily respond as well as I could to constraints placed upon my writing. That is something I would like to get better at, and I want to learn how to be more creative in my approach when certain limitations are in place. 

A big shout to @Mollysdailykiss and @Wriggly_Kitty who run the Storyin12 prompt over on Twitter. Thank you for today’s inspiration. 

‘You want to do that nasty thing? Love it! Let’s do it!’

The image he’d sent to me instantly caused a reaction in many parts of my body. I couldn’t remember the last time something ignited desire in me this quickly.  There was a man strapped to a single bed. Bare mattress, metal bed frame, no carpet on the floor, the surroundings looking more warehouse than our house. It was clear even from the still image that the woman in the photo had been doing unspeakable things to him. She hovered above his open mouth, and it wasn’t entirely clear but I was certain she was urinating on him. We’d never done anything quite that kinky before, and I thought I should be nervous or uncertain but I was only excited and eager to explore.

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[Erotica] The Cute Girl and The Pastry

Image by F Dot Leanora

Her hands move deftly, caressing her camera like a lover. I watch enthralled as she captures the fair lady’s face with her lens. All too soon she is on the move, and my eyes fall to the mural of Audrey Hepburn that so appealed to her.

She’s cute and I’m a coward. My feet betray me though and follow her into the cafe adjacent to the mural. Most seats are taken, with many patrons choosing to stand as they chat and devour delicious pastries. She however has found a seat, at a table for two.

Camera in hand she flicks through the images she has taken, her facial expressions mesmerise me as she reviews the images she has procured.

In another lapse of being myself, I ask if the seat at her table is free. It is. I am sitting with the cute girl wondering how to eat a pastry in front of her with getting crumbs in my hair or spilling coffee down my blouse.

Unexpectedly she looks at me, perhaps into me? She makes my insides burn, my outsides too. I’m blushing hard. I should speak, but while she is looking at me at I can barely breathe let alone form coherent sentences.

‘Do you always follow girls into cafes?


I answer it in a questioning tone, kicking myself for not saying something smooth like ‘only the cute ones’, but why be cool when I can be a dork. Apparently that’s her thing though and she bursts out laughing.

‘Well when you know for certain could you let me know? I don’t want to be one of many, but I could be down with being an exception.’

The sparkle in her eyes is wicked.

This is confirmed when she stands up, takes my hand and leads me away. I leave my pastry behind without question. Who am I today?

We are in the ladies bathroom before I know it. Which isn’t always classy, but today it is the greatest adventure.

Her lips are on mine, soft and inviting. Our breasts are touching, clothes from an infuriating barrier, but still it feels amazing. My fingers snake into her hair and she moans, and I think I could come from that sound alone. I come, that’s true, but not from that. I come when her own fingers slip underneath my soaked panties and find in lightening speed that spot that makes the world blur and my body convulse with pleasure.

My hands fall to my side, the wall supports my weight as she steps back from me, the wicked sparkle in her eyes remains. In seconds her camera is back in her hands, she takes my picture and before I can object she has kissed me on the cheek and fled, leaving me bereft and wishing I had her number.

Thankfully my skirt had pockets, which is rare and awesome, and cute girl had business cards.

My pastry was still on the table too.

A great adventure indeed.

This is my first time getting involved with F Dot Leonora’s Friday Flash prompt. Writing less is not my comfort zone but I loved the challenge and hope to do more. Why not give it a go yourself and see what wonderful tales you can create in 500 words or less.

Who else is Flashing this Friday?

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[Erotica] Peeping

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Inspired by this weeks Masturbation Monday prompt, which was provided by Life of Elliot.

Please do check out the other Masturbation Monday entries for some seriously sexy reads, and of course to see the image that inspired my post.






Bad girl should be sleeping.

His low moans entice me,

Invite me; to watch and wonder

About hands that touch and plunder.

Not mine to see, delicious, thick and veiny.

Not mine to lick, that tasty looking dick.

Not mine.

Not mine.

A tantrum begins to rise.

I want … I want … his cock inside my cunt.

I wait with bated breath, with a low moan he mumbles ‘yes’

Lube has made him slicker, and his hand moves so much quicker.

I see you on his screen, big titties that make him cream.

Touching myself as I grow wetter.

Though his touch would be so much better.

Kneeling on the floor, coming outside his door.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

This bad girl is out of luck.

Through lust blurred eyes he sees me

And grins at me quite wickedly




I can see he’s close to coming.

Sometimes bad girls are rewarded, with a treat that is rather sordid.

Maybe next time I’ll be invited, when his cock is eager and excited.

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[Erotica] A Twist of Fate

I did a double take as I passed the window, surely I didn’t see what I thought I saw. When a second glance seemed to confirm my initial suspicions, I had to grab the binoculars for a closer look. Just to be certain.

Sure enough amid the sand and rocks, a gentleman’s pert bottom was in view. My eyes were glued to my binoculars as I took in the full extent of the scene. Clothes piled neatly on one rock, a camera and tripod in front of him, I watched as he manoeuvred himself into a variety of poses once he had pressed the button on the camera which clearly had a self timer on the go.

I hadn’t realised how captivated I had been while watching him until he started to pack his things away. As I wondered who this mystery man was and why on earth he was taking nude photos on the beach that was a stones throw from my home, I watched in horror as he lost his footing and in a clear effort to save his camera he neglected to save himself.

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