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#SoSS – Therapy, Fucking and … More Fucking!

IMG_6992Monday brought me my first, ‘well that’s a #SoSS post’ moment when I read The Therapist by Karin at theswingshift. This week saw me starting to share some of my experiences with mental health, part of which details how I never quite succeeded in sticking with therapy. That isn’t because I don’t value it though, I absolutely do, especially when as Kinksters we find an understanding and supportive therapist. I don’t know Karin personally, only through the post I’ve read on her blog, that didn’t stop me thoroughly touched though at her thoughts on finding and visiting a therapist.

I’ve had an interesting week. I’ve been delving into the parts of my brain I don’t tend to visit very often and when I read Sometimes I need the Rough Stuff by Sassy Cat, I absolutely got it. Unfortunately weather and other commitments meant Bakji and I didn’t get any sexy times this week, but oooh boy was this a week for needing the rough stuff. For me it’s more about feeling something ‘bigger’ and ‘deeper’ than what I’m feeling in my head. Rough sex or kink that hurts so good, or words that sound harsh to the unknowing ear but sooth my brain niggles like a lullaby. I love that stuff, but as Cat says in her post, ‘only when I know they don’t truly mean what they say in the heat of the moment’.

Escape on the High Seas by Livvy Libertine is a following on piece from her previousIMG_6997 post A Valuable Treasure. I won’t lie I didn’t read them in order though, I normally would have but I got so caught up in the story I just couldn’t stop. I feel like I’ve read part of a book and don’t have the rest of the pages to quench my thirst for the rest of the tale. I am hoping that Livvy gives us more of this tale, because I really want to know more.

As I said I’ve been feeling the urge for the rougher side of sex and kink this week. For me that also includes dirty words and forthright descriptions of sexual activities. Such a Dirty Bitch Deserves a Whipping by May More delivered on both counts. I got to the end and all I could think was 1) that dress does look delightful, 2) I’m a dirty bitch and 3) Goddammit where’s my whipping!

My last offering for this weeks #SoSS is That Time in the Car Park by PixieHeart. It is an all over sexy tale, and it definitely got me hot under the collar and feeling frisky. However, there was one sentence alone that made it worthy of being included in this roundup.

He takes hold of my hand and for a minute I thought I was safe, that my punishment was over

Now I don’t know PixieHeart’s Husband a.k.a The Boss Man. However, the Sadistic Dominant in me laughed hard when I read this. That sexy evil laughter though, that tends to get masochists and submissives giddy with that nervous sexual energy. ‘For a IMG_6998minute I thought I was safe’, what a delightful way to make someone feel, right before you prove them wrong. Loved this Pixie. Absolutely loved it.

That is your lot from me this week. I hope you give all these posts a read and more that will be shared through #SoSS over on Twitter. I have seen plenty of sex bloggers commenting on how they have been shadow-banned this week, so this is definitely something we need to keep ploughing away at so that all these wonderful posts don’t go unnoticed.

Smut Marathon: The First Assignment Has Landed

As anyone who has read my blog previously will know, I am huge fan of teasing, I use it a lot in my FemDom adventures, but my joy in teasing extends to other areas of life too. This blog post is a prime example of that.

I recently decided to enter the 2018 Smut Marathon, which I discussed in ‘Smut Marathon 2018’. The rules of which state that assignments are secret and are only revealed once all stories are posted on the Smut Marathon website. I am allowed to ask you to vote, but can’t tell you which piece is mine.

I love these rules, I think it is a brilliant way to encourage writers who might feel they’d rank lower in any voting due to popularity, being a new venture blog, having low traffic to their site or any other number of reasons we convince ourselves not to do something.

Despite those rules however, I am allowed to promote the Smut Marathon and as I said earlier I am allowed to ask you to vote. I will do this many, many times, starting now, please go and vote once the voting is open. The first round of voting begins on February 11th.

The reason this blog post will be such a tease is because it is about, but totally not about, the first assignment. Despite a healthy dose of ‘should I really have done this’ nerves settling in, I was also extremely excited to receive the email containing the first assignment. When I saw it sitting there in my emails, my fingers were fumbling over each other to open it.

Eventually fingers and brain worked together and the email was opened and the assignment was read. My first thought? … Yep, I was right about this presenting me with some challenges, but also I was really keen to explore how I might approach and execute this assignment.

My brain almost instantly started whirring, and in the days since I received that email I’ve been thinking of all the words in an attempt to find the piece I will submit. One idea keeps pushing itself forward though, revisiting me in different guises, as if it will one day reveal it’s true nature as my final piece.

As well as being enthralled by my own Smut Marathon journey, I am also following others with great interest. I am loving seeing daily Twitter posts about how people are getting on, some have already submitted their final piece, many more of us are still trying to make the magic happen.

With that in mind, I am going back to revise what thoughts I have had so far, and I will return with more thoughts on my Smut Marathon journey soon. Don’t forget you can use Twitter to follow both myself @_floss_84, the Smut Marathon @smutmarathon and many of the other writers and judges, details of which can be found on the Smut Marathon website.


When I initially published this post I was fairly certain I had the main premise of the piece I would eventually submit for the first round of the Smut Marathon. What I didn’t envisage was getting a second Idea that I loved just as much.

One I feel is more overtly erotic, I find it instantly summons sexy visuals and feelings, even after I’ve read it time and time again. It takes my mind straight to the person and moments that inspired it, it makes me want and need, and long for their presence. It would be my hope that if I used this one for the Smut Marathon it would ignite the same feelings in those who read it.

On the other hand, the alternate piece is more subtle. It would possibly be lost on many people, but those that it spoke to would probably find it intensely erotic. It was inspired by a feeling I’ve felt but never truly encapsulated, though that doesn’t make my memories of those moments any less special.

I went back and forth over which piece to submit, but finally one seemed to step forward as the chosen one. Now I am eagerly awaiting all the submitted pieces to be released so I can enjoy everyone else’s take on the assignment and see how the first round of voting goes.

I know it has already been a challenging round for a lot of those who have entered, so once again please do support us wherever possible, especially by voting for your favourite piece when the voting opens on February 11th.