Episode 9 – Why Is No-One Into My Kink?

Welcome to Episode 09 of #ProudToBeKinky. Bakji returns this week, as he chats to Floss about a subject that comes up fairly often when new people enter the scene, the common question of ‘Why Is No-one Into My Kink?’

When you are used to a non-kink lifestyle, where discussing fetishes is not the done thing, it makes sense that many people might end up feeling like no-one else in the world shares their fetishes, fantasies or erotic desires. Once you’ve spent a little bit of time on the kink scene though, you realise that very few people actually have a kink no-one else is into.

Time and time again we see new people enter the scene and leave soon after disheartened that they didn’t find their ideal crop wielding Mistress or willing and obedient sub within their first couple of munches. Often these same people are trying to find someone to fulfill one or two fetishes that they have, ruling out anyone who doesn’t immediately state that they have the same kink, even if they are a great match in other ways. Which may not necessarily be the best approach as we discuss in more detail the Podcast.

You will also notice when listening to this episode that once again we cover the familiar topic of going to a Munch, and how this will vastly increase your odds of finding someone into your kink. Yes we’ve said it before, and guess what, we will say it again. As a podcast focusing on the social side of kink, we are definitely advocates of getting yourself out there and meeting real life friends who are like minded and accepting of all facets of BDSM.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Why someone will be into your kink
  • Why it feels like no-one is into your kink
  • Why people may not take you up on your kind offers to indulge in your kink
  • How to enhance your chances of finding someone into your kink

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