Episode 3 – Introducing Floss

In this episode we introduce Floss and we talk about ladies getting into kinky relationships. Before we go any further though we’d like to mention that you can ask us anything you like at hello[at]proudtobekinky.com or follow us on Twitter and Instagram,  we’d love to hear from you.
Anyway, just Bakji and Floss this time, (Blue Ben and Viv back next week) and yes the last two episodes were a bit long. We discuss how Floss found the fetish scene by accident. She started by doing research on erotic writing, first asking questions on the LoveHoney forums, which then took her to FetLife then on to her local scene. Now she’s in a kinky, D/S, switch-ey relationship and we discuss how anyone interested in kink can meet someone too. Enjoy… and remember to use the hashtag  #proudtobekinky.
Topics we Cover:
  • Love and affection in a kinky relationship.
  • FetLife… again.
  • Erotic writing and blogging.
  • Plucking up the courage to go to a Munch.
  • How she met her current kink partner.