Episode 24 – Staying Safe: When Online Becomes In Person

Staying safe is the focus of this week’s episode. As I (Floss) perused the BDSM subreddit she stumbled across a post that made her stop and think. We spend a lot of time encouraging people to make friends and meet like minded people, and while we are great advocates of munches and fetish events, we do understand that sometimes those avenues aren’t everyone’s first venture into kink.

Like the writer of the Reddit post, many people get chatting to someone online and choose to move their interactions into a real life meeting. While for some people this can lead to great experiences, and wonderful friendships and relationships. For many people, it is less successful. The particular post I read was an uncomfortable one to see, and it also caused some reflection on my own past decisions.

With that in mind, I proposed the idea of this episode to Bakji. I wanted to talk about how we can best keep ourselves safe, should we choose to arrange one on one meetings with people we meet online, or perhaps have had less time to get to know. We also take about the things that may well be red flags, and should perhaps make us think twice about moving forward with such interactions.

Topics discussed in this episode are:

  • Social proof and why it’s important
  • Ideas for staying safe when meeting someone new
  • What behaviour should we be questioning
  • Suggestions for where to meet new people

We want people to know they’re not alone in navigating those early days of finding a suitable partner, or making their way onto the fetish scene to find friends, and we definitely want you to know we have made our own mistakes along our journey, and that is partly what drives us to keep doing the podcast. BDSM is such a great and wonderful thing to explore and it is made even more glorious when you find the right people to enjoy it with and that is what we want for all our listeners.

We have had some great feedback since the the last episode, please keep all your emails and comments coming. Our email as always is hello@proudtobekinky.com, or you can get in touch via any of social media accounts, Instagram, Twitter or Fetlife.