Episode 22 – Chat With Off The Cuffs Podcast

Fellow podcasters Dick_Wound and Minimus Maximus are our guests for this episode. They host Off The Cuffs: A Kink and BDSM Podcast. When we were just a few episodes into #ProudToBeKinky, Dick_Wound reached out to us on Fetlife and offered podcasting camaraderie. We were genuinely touched, even more so when we asked for advice on guest episodes and they not only gave advice, but were active in getting us in contact with people who became future guests.

When the conversation turned to possibly doing each other’s shows we were very excited. I know we have our own podcast, which is brilliant, but going on someone else’s show, well that’s a whole different ball game. So it was decided we would fire up Skype and each do a recording for the other podcast. I am happy to say we were not disappointed. Despite the geographical distance between us, it very much felt like making new friends.

Topics covered in this episodes are:

  • How Dick and Max got into kink
  • What made them start a podcast together
  • What current dynamics they are enjoying
  • What kind of kinks and fetishes they have

You can hear more from them on their podcast which can be found on iTunes and most other podcast apps. The are also on Fetlife and Twitter. If you’d like to hear the recording of we did for their show you, we were on Episode 49.

If you have any comments about this episode or any previous episodes you can email us via hello@proudtobekinky. Alternatively you follow and message us on Instagram, Twitter and Fetlife. Thank you to everyone who has sent in comments so far. They are fantastic to read.