Episode 19 – Subspace and Topspace

Welcome to Episode 19 of #ProudToBeKinky, where Bakji and Floss talk through their experiences and thoughts on the various headspaces you may encounter when you start exploring Kink, Fetish and BDSM.

When you first join the scene there are lots of new phrases you start to hear, one of the most common being ‘subspace’. If you’ve played a little but never heard the term before, it can be hard to know if you’ve experienced it. It can also for some people become a bit of a goal to reach, and disappointment can occur for those people who struggle to get the experience of subspace they’d like.

However we don’t want anyone to feel disappointed in any aspect of their kink lifestyle. So in this episode we also cover the fact that this is something that can happen, but not experiencing it doesn’t detract from how much fun kinky play can be. In fact there may be situations in which people actively avoid subspace, so we touch on those too.

For those people who do like the idea of getting a bit ‘spacey’, we discuss what actions might get you there, and what you can expect when you have that experience. While subspace is probably the most talked about headspace on the scene, ‘Top space’ and ‘rope space’ are also ones we have come across on a fairly regular basis, so we have a little chat about those too.

When we experience subspace/Topspace, whether it’s for the first time, or if you’re seasoned player. The after effects of the intensity it brings can have an effect. This is what people will refer to as drop. We discuss how drop may feel for various people, and how aftercare can make drop less likely to occur, or at least bring comfort during it.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • The different types of headspaces you may encounter
  • How to get into that ‘spacey’ zone
  • Why you might want avoid going ‘spacey’
  • How to transition from spacey play back into reality
  • The after effect of subspace/Topspace
  • How to alleviate drop

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