#ProudToBeKinky Episode Guide

Below you will find a list of all the #ProudToBeKinky episodes to date. Episodes 57 through to 63 will be updated with links very soon. Simply click on the episode title and press play on the Soundcloud player to listen.

  • Episode 63 – Sex Toy Reviews – We review a selection of toys, some for prostate stimulation and some for clitoral stimulation.
  • Episode 62 – FemDom Pleasures – We discuss our personal thoughts on FemDom and some of the public perceptions about it.
  • Episode 61 – Being Fluid With Your Kinks – We discuss how our kinks can change and how embracing them can enhance our experiences.
  • Episode 60 – Orgasm Unleashed with Eyal Matsliah – Eyals discussed his book and the power of orgasms.
  • Episode 59 – Rain DeGrey – Kink and Sex author, educator, presenter and performer Rain DeGrey joins us to discuss all things kinky.
  • Episode 58 – Merry Kinkmas – We pick our top 5 sexy moments of the past year, discussing why they were memorable and what we learnt from them. As well as sharing what our top picks are for things to try in 2018.
  • Episode 57 – Safewords – We discuss our thoughts on safewords, why they are useful. why some people don’t use them, and that decision should always be considered and well informed.