Ever since I was a teenager I’ve used poetry as a way to share feelings and thoughts. I also find it’s a good way to untangle my mind when it gets cluttered. Even when writing fiction or journalingΒ becomes a bit tough, or my heart isn’t in it, I can always find it within in me to find the words for a poem.

As a Twitter user (@_floss_84) and huge fan of the poetry community you can find there I often write from the prompts offered by some of the amazing poetry prompt hosts. More often than not though, a moment, a smile, a kiss, will give me all I need to feel the pull to write.

My poetry isn’t always perfect, but it always conveys what my head and more often my heart want to say. So I will often publish them as they are first written, with very little tinkering, while this means improvements are often possible, I like the organic and honest approach to poems.

To anyone who takes the time to read them, and more so to anyone who ever comments on them, thank you very much. It is always nice to know my thoughts resonate with other people.