Episode #27: Swinging, Prostates & Bisexuality with Cooper S. Becket

Swinging is our focus this week, as we are joined by Author Cooper S. Beckett. He has written three books ‘A Life Less Monogamous’, ‘Life on the Swingset’ and ‘Approaching the Swingularity’. When we have an author on the show... Continue Reading →

#sorrynotsorry Stranger; I am not yours to brat & goad!

When I first joined Fetlife the messages I got were mostly disrespectful requests that I comply with a ‘Dominants’ desires. As my pictures have started including things like Latex, and crops and heels worthy of worship, messages from Dominants have... Continue Reading →

Podcast #26: Relationship Engineering

* features a blog post for each new episode we release, however I am going to start crossposting these blog posts to my own blog as well, these blog post may be less informative than my normal ones, as all... Continue Reading →

Other Peoples Kinks & The Words We Use

The words we use are really important. How we phrase what we want to say can make or break a conversation. How many times have we all heard someone say ‘I don’t mean to be rude but …’? As we... Continue Reading →

My Darkest Teacher

I was listen to The Tim Ferriss Show, and he was talking to Cheryl Strayed who wrote ‘Wild’. I’ve not read any of her work, and this was the first time I’ve ever tuned into The Tim Ferriss Show, even... Continue Reading →

Reddit Inspired: Munches … Why Do We Go?

I really hope I’m preaching to the choir with this blog post, but just in case someone with no knowledge of the social side of BDSM stumbles onto my blog, I’m going to write this so it’s here for them... Continue Reading →

When Normal Supports The Unconventional

As I mentioned briefly in my last blog post, myself and Bakji are a few months off having been intimately involved for 2 years. I must admit when we first started spending time together I didn’t envisage us being involved... Continue Reading →

Hard Limits, Forgetfulness & Forgiveness

I read a post today on reddit about hard limits and it got me thinking. A brief paraphrased version of the post would go something like: ‘My Dom has forgotten my hard limits on multiple occasions. I believe he genuinely... Continue Reading →

Podcast – Upcoming Episodes & Listener Questions

So for those of you who have read most of my blog you will probably know that I also co-host a podcast called #ProudToBeKinky, you can read more about it here and here. We have a few episodes coming up that lend... Continue Reading →

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