Maximus Anal Lubricant

IMG_3745When I first bought this product it was for its intended purpose, however I’ve never really quite got into anal play, but not wanting to waste the lube I just started using it for vaginal play too and quite honestly I’ve never looked back! I have tried a fair few other lubes, but I always come back to this one.

What I like most about it is that it doesn’t leave that sticky feeling as it starts drying out that a fair few lubes I’ve used seem to, it also stays lubey (my spell check is saying this isn’t a word, but that’s got to be an oversight, silly dictionary, lubey is totally a thing) for a good while.

The only downside to this product is that to lock the top down you have to press down as if you were dispensing lube then turn to lock, which means every time you lock it you lose a little bit of lube. It is minimal, but if like me you have to keep you lube hidden or travel with it a lot, it does become a tad frustrating. That said it doesn’t put me off buying it at all.

While this next bit of information isn’t an issue for me, I will note that this item does contain paraben. Just in case anyone reads this and thinks they’ve found their perfect lube only to be disappointed.

Maximus Anal Lubricant Link to product via Lovehoney, available at other retailers as well.
Overall product rating 9/10

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