God Within You

There’s a God within you
That beckons and calls
I can’t help but worship
And I can’t help but fall
To my knees
As you blind me
To all that exists
In that moment
When I breathe you in
My life force
Is your kiss
So pull me deeper and deeper
Into that Godly domain
Where words are absent
Except the whisper of your name
Where the world seems like a dream
And all that’s real, is your touch
And chaos can be turned to peace
With one tender look
Your voice like a song
That calls me to prayer
As begging becomes a chant
That slowly fills the air
And the spaces between us
Have faded
And filled
With all the little everythings
That cause me to soften
As they thrill
Because I’m just a girl
Who cannot resist
When the God within you floors me
With one simple kiss