New Passions

I am very proud that two pieces of my erotica have now been published in an anthology of erotic stories for women, the following story is one of those pieces. It’s a switchy girl on girl rendezvous. The book can be found here … Erotic Synergies via Amazon

‘More wine?’

I knew the line tonight between a bit tipsy and far too drunk couldn’t be blurred, but after spending time enjoying her company, I was running out of reasons not to just take her right there on my sofa. I would plan a gentle but passionate move as I drank my wine, instead of a frenzied and passionate pounce.


She answered so quickly, her voice laced with anticipation and nerves.

‘Sorry, yes please, that would be lovely.’

As I took her glass from her, we locked eyes, they seemed to speak a thousand silent words with just a single glance. They were entirely arousing. She looked at me wide-eyed, eyes so blue it made me think she held the world’s oceans within her. An ironic thought, considering as I looked at her all I could feel in myself was a burning fire of want.

As I sat beside her, close enough to touch I could see the rise and fall of her chest, her breathing becoming increasingly rapid as time went by, a combination of nerves and excitement. I very much intended to make her forget all about her nerves. She held an empty wine glass in her hand as if it were a safety blanket, perhaps unsure as to what she would do with that hand if it were free.

I leant across her to take the glass from her and place it down on the table, as I did so my lips brushed the soft skin of her shoulder, a small gasp followed by a very quiet ‘oh my’ sent sparks of arousal direct to my pussy. Want had turned to need. A need that was begging to rip her clothes off, and take her right there with a rough and fiery passion. But, I had promised to be gentle and patient, which I could do. For a little while at least.

My lips left a trail of kisses from shoulder to mouth, as I placed my hand on her knee and slowly slid up her thigh, teasing myself as much as her, it stopped short of her pussy, I could feel the heat of her radiating through her jeans. As I kissed her, her tongue gently dancing with my own, my mind swirled with thoughts of how wet she would be. I wanted her to drip for me, to come for me, I wanted her to beg for more, I wanted to make her come until she begged me to stop, and if she asked nicely, I might.

How I managed to pull my lips from hers is beyond me, her desire was rising through her body and spilling from her tongue to mine, it was addictive, but I needed more of her. As I pulled away her eyes stayed closed, her lips still parted ever so slightly, glistening with moisture from our kiss, her breasts encased in a beautiful corset, so beautiful I was tempted to leave it on, the desire to have her naked before me would win though

I put my mouth to her ear, trying to find words slightly more poetic than ‘I want to fuck you’ but none came, so I simply took her hand and said ‘come with me’.

As we reached the bed I sat down and pulled her to me so she stood between my legs. Turning her around I started to undo her corset, my hands trembling with the urge to go faster, but I knew the anticipation would be making her arousal grow as it was mine. This was one occasion where patience truly was a virtue. Finally the corset fell to the floor, her back still to me, my hands travelled across her stomach, then moving upwards to cup her breasts as my mouth kissed and tongue flicked across the base of her back, travelling up her spine, until I reached her neck, my hands enthralled by the contrast between the gentle curves of her breasts and the hard arousal of her nipples, my self-control waived and my teeth forgot my promise to be gentle as they slowly but firmly bit into her flesh. There was a sharp intake of breath, followed by the unmistakable ‘oh fuck’ of an aroused woman, and I knew then the gentle line had moved ever so slightly.

I sat back down on the bed and started to run my hands across the fabric of her jeans, this time there was no stopping. My hands flowed across her thighs, her arse, then I cupped what I knew would be a hot, wet pussy underneath her clothes and pulled her closer to me.

‘Turn around.’

My heart pounded with excitement as she responded, my pussy twitching with the desire to ask more of her. Once again I reminded myself there was no rush, I had time to enjoy her, to savour her, every touch, every taste would be delicious, so it was hard not to want it all at once. I started to unbuckle her jeans, the thrill of revealing her completely was coursing through me. My mind was suddenly lost in thoughts of how this was the body, the woman that had caused her own orgasm to my words, how I had made her come with messages of all I wanted to do to her. I wanted to see how that looked, in that moment I was consumed by the desire to see her pleasure herself and having her there had me in the mood to get just what I wanted.

I hadn’t been wrong, once her jeans were removed I could feel how wet her knickers were, soaked right through, I wanted to see her fingers coated in her own wetness, then I wanted to remove them, lick them and replace them with my own so I could feel her pussy spasm and clench as I made her come. I wanted a lot, all I had done was want her from the moment I realised how hot fucking her would be.

I removed her underwear, and the sight of her pussy sent a ripple of pure lust right through me. My mind was set though, I’d have to wait. We switched positions, so she was sat on the bed, totally and wonderfully naked and I stood before her fully clothed. I leant down to kiss her and ease her down so she was lying in the bed. My fingers had a brief but exquisite encounter with her pussy, while I found out whether I could get what I wanted.

‘Remember how you fingered yourself until you came, while I sent you all those naughty messages?’

‘Yes … of course.’

‘I want you to do that for me now, so I can watch as I undress.’

Her closed eyes suddenly flew open, those big blue eyes suddenly nervous again. I remember being filled with reluctance when a lover had asked me to do this, now I wasn’t sure I’d ever refuse again. I suddenly understood how arousing it could be. I needed her to understand too. My fingers still playing and exploring, I tried to find the words of encouragement needed.

‘I have pictured that scene in my mind, over and over, I have touched myself to those images. They make me wet and horny, and they make me want to fuck you. Like I want to now. I want to do it right though, show me how you like to be touched, so I can learn from it and make you come again and again. Start now. While my hand is there too and keep going until I take over. I promise it will be worth it.’

Ever so slowly, her hand moved. I felt her fingers as they hesitantly laced into my own inside her.

‘That’s it. Perfect. Remember don’t stop. Just fuck.’

And she did. Her hips started to move, her breathing became rapid, her bottom lip caught between her teeth until a small moan escaped, a moan that told me an orgasm was building, I wanted that orgasm, I wanted it clenched around my fingers as she pushed onto them finding the pleasure she wanted. I lay my body down beside hers, the heat radiating from her body reaching my own. My hand slid down to meet hers, as I pulled her fingers away, there was a little moan of complaint, no woman enjoys having her pleasure interrupted, I knew she would forgive me once I’d made her come. First though I sucked her fingers into my mouth and licked them clean.

‘You taste amazing’ my fingers were back inside her pussy, imitating the moves she had made with her own.

‘I’m going to taste you as you come for me later, right now though my fingers get the pleasure.

‘Fuck … Yes … Oh yes …

With that last yes her pussy gripped my fingers, and her body was gripped by orgasm. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. A woman in the throes of passion is truly a beautiful thing.

As she lay there, her breathing gradually returning to something like normal, my mouth decided that had to change. Once my lips locked on hers, the post-orgasm calm that had washed over her gave way to passion, her hands found her way into my hair, her hand forming a fist, slowly but firmly she pulled, my lips forced to leave hers.

‘Remember how I was nervous and you promised to be gentle and patient?’

‘Yes, of course.’

‘Did I promise you the same?’

‘Not at all.’


With that everything changed, any control I had started to slip away. My brief triumph was just that, brief. Her eyes shone with wickedness and I was eager to explore that side of her. I was helpless to resist. Part of me wanted to, part of me wanted to try, but I couldn’t resist her. I wanted her so much, I wanted her to be wet and wanting and full of desire and I would do whatever I had to do to get her there.

She pulled her mouth back to hers and kissed me, her soft mouth kissing me with a fierce passion. Her weight slowly shifting so I was pinned beneath her. I felt her mouth against my ear, her voice a quiet whisper, but laced with a desire that made my pussy throb.

‘I want you…’

‘Oh god … I want you too.’

She let out a small chuckle, that threw me completely, it was sexy as hell, but I had no clue as to what I had done to cause it, luckily an explanation came before I needed to ask.

‘As pleased as I am to hear that, I hadn’t finished my sentence. What I was saying was, I want you to … behave.’

That was it, I was done, I had no desire to be in control, I wanted to behave, I wanted to find out what my reward would be if I was good for her. Time lost all meaning while her hands ran over my body, every inch explored, her lips alternating between my mouth, my neck, my nipples, leaving me writhing with desire beneath her, desperate for more.

‘You make it very hard to play with you. You are a very wriggly little toy. So, stay still.’

With every ounce of control I had, I stayed still. In my mind I’d done it, no muscles were moved. It was hard. Her fingers moving in and out of me, slowly, quickly, somehow finding their way to that perfect spot inside me, ever so gradually pushing me closer and closer to climax. It wouldn’t take much to push me over the edge.

‘Turn over. Then stay. Still.’

The change in position had pulled me back from the edge, ever so slightly. Her fingers though, oh my, they got me there again so quickly. Just as I was thinking how I would love to push down onto her, to push myself into that orgasm, she placed a firm, strong slap on my arse. It stung, it hurt and it catapulted me right into an amazing orgasm. As I lay there my body content and tingling, I felt her hand snaking up my back, her fingers once more lacing their way into my hair, then she pulled. I couldn’t stop the small moan that escaped my mouth. Her grip didn’t loosen as her low whisper tickled my ear.

‘Did you come because I spanked you?’

‘Well your fingers did the hard work, but the spanking pushed me over the edge.’

‘I spanked you because you kept moving, it was a reminder to stay still.’


‘Oh? I punish you and all you can say is oh? I also rather get the feeling you are getting aroused by me pulling your hair. Am I right in thinking you really get off on the pain?’

‘Yes. Very much so.’

It was true. Every spank. Every swipe of a crop. Every flogging. Every bite. Every scratch. Every pull of hair. Made my pussy so wet and so aroused, I didn’t know how or why, but I knew it was hot as fuck when my arse radiated with the warmth of a decent beating.

‘If you are going to misbehave, and moving when told not to is definitely misbehaving, then I will have to punish you. Seeing as you love the pain so much, I think that will be your reward. If you are good, then I will beat your lovely arse, until it’s a perfect shade of red. If you are bad. No beating. Not even a single spank.’

‘I … I was sure I didn’t move.’

‘You did. A lot. Try again, harder. Don’t move.’

She made it so hard for me, her fingers, her tongue, relentless on my pussy. I wanted to grind, and fuck, and rock, and grab, and wriggle. The need and passion coursing through my body made it almost impossible to stay still, just as I thought I was going to give in, that I would just convulse with desire, she spoke. Her voice still a soft whisper but laced with the controlled desire that I was fast becoming a fan off.

‘Good girl. I knew you could it. Now come for me, and feel free to move.’

With permission granted my body gave way, ripple after ripple coursing through me, I could feel my pussy dripping, clenching and pulsing. It was a strong, amazing orgasm, delivered by a strong, amazing woman and I was totally hooked. I knew there was a reward to be claimed, on top of an amazing orgasm that really was a wonderful thing.

I awoke the next day with an arse so sore I couldn’t sit down without a sharp intake of breath, but a beating that beautiful deserves a story all of its own.


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  1. Truly very hot! I loved how the timid became the top! brilliant twist – damp panties guaranteed!

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