Episode 17 – Tickling Fetish

Welcome to episode 17 of #ProudToBeKinky, this week you get a break from the current run and Bakji and Floss chats, as this week they are joined by their very first international guest. That’s right folks, we took to Skype to have a lovely chat with our guest Rachissa. Whose main Fetish is tickling. She kindly came on to talk us about how she got into tickling, and what the Fetish scene has to offer fellow ticklephiles.

We talk a lot about kinks we are familiar with, such as Shibari and D/s. We are however an all inclusive podcast, and we want to encourage and celebrate all consensual kinks. If you are, or know someone who has a less common kink then please do get in touch if you think it’s something we should be talking about, or if indeed you think we should be talking to you.

Anyway, back to the tickling. Are you a ticklephile yourself? With no idea how to go about meeting fellow tickle fans? Then you definitely need to listen to this podcast. We find out how to discover your local tickle scene, what goes on at a tickle munch and what larger events there are to meet like minded people. #ProudToBeKinky Podcast | BDSM | Fetish | Kink |We also ask Rachissa about her personal tickling preferences, and how she combines tickling with other kinks. We also delve into her first ever tickle scene and her best ever tickle scene.

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