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Erotica – Warm Nights

The nights are so warm during this long awaited summer. Naked bodies lie beneath a cool sheet, which is the only way to maintain a cool enough temperature to sleep. His body still radiates heat though, and despite the thin veil of sweat I can feel upon my skin, I still push my body against his. Pulling him to me, rejoicing as his hand responds and finds me in the darkness.

A glance at the clock tells me I should make an effort to get back to sleep. I’m an early riser but 3am is too early, even for me. I’m restless though and far too awake! My hands start to trace the lines of his body to keep me occupied.

The curve of his neck invites me to pass across his strong shoulders, before gently finding my way across his collarbone bone and down onto his chest. As always my hand lays flat here for a moment, revelling in not only the feel of his body beneath my palm, but also in the beat of his heart, drumming softly against my hand. The travel continues though and I smooth my hand across his rib cage, an action that arouses me far more than I am able to explain. I linger here, longer than most might, which results in a wanton ache, and my hips start to move against him, slow, soft gyrations, but oh how effective they are in igniting my need for him.

My hands move lower, not intending to wake him, but just to feel the smooth skin of his shaft against my fingertips. He’s hard. He feels so ready, so fuckable, so eager. I tell myself it’s a biology thing, not an aroused thing, but the twitching in my cunt is very persuasive.

As I resolve to leave him to his slumber, his collar catches my eye. Removed as always for bedtime, it rests in its place on his bedside table and it reminds me that he is Mine! Mine to do with as I wish, whenever I wish, that is the deal, and I decide I would be doing him a disservice to deny myself what I so ardently want at this moment in time.

My hand returns to his cock, still hard, and it feels so good as I wrap my fingers around it. As I move my hand slowly up and down, he shifts his body position and rolls onto his back, a sure fire sign that even in his still slumbering state he is enjoying himself. I marvel at what a deep sleeper he is and wonder at what point he will wake up, if he wakes up at all!

My lips begin to pepper kisses across his warm skin, retracing the steps my fingers had taken just moments earlier. As my hand moves from his cock, and instead trails along the length of his thighs, palms flattening on occasion to feel his muscles tense as my lips elicit an arousal that even sleep can not hold at bay.

When my mouth reaches his cock, I settle myself neatly between his legs. Licking my lips and capturing the bottom one between my teeth as I soak in the sight of him, I never tire of gazing at him. I peel my eyes away from him though, and lower my mouth to his twitching cock. He stretches my mouth wide, and I don’t get even halfway down his length before his tip is nestled against the back of my throat!

My mouth is delighting in the feel of him, taking my time with slow and sensual ministrations of desire, but the growing heat and wetness between my thighs is raging, urging me to satisfy my own needs. I decide it’s time to give in to the urge. When I remove my mouth from his cock, he lets out a low moan of loss. I assume this means he is waking, but on closer inspection I see he is still asleep for the most part. Perhaps beginning to rouse ever so slightly.

I can feel myself holding my breath in anticipation as I straddle him, positioning myself so he will slide into me perfectly. When I lose myself onto him, the feeling is, as always, exquisite, it never gets old. I release the breath I’ve been holding onto, and my body relaxes as I do so, remaining still for a moment, I relish the feeling of him being inside me.

I am jolted from my reflective state though, by the feel of his hands against my thighs. Slowly caressing them, his hips starting to stir beneath. I lean down and put my mouth to his ear, enquiring in a whisper as to whether or not he is awake. His groggy mumble tells me he is awake but not fully, though he is however aware that he is a participant in my early hours adventure.

Unable to hold off any longer, I start to grind my cunt against him. Getting the angle perfect so that my clit is rubbing against him, as his cock fills me, my muscles contracting against him, sending ripples of pleasure through every fibre of my being.

His hands start to wander, grazing my skin until he reaches my breasts, then his grip tightens and I can’t help but moan out in delight! My lips find his, hungry for more of him, to have his tongue fill my mouth as his cock is filling my cunt. I instinctively reach for his collar as he responds to my kiss, and feel bereft for a moment when I remember he hasn’t yet put it on for the day ahead. Instead my hands clasp around his neck, and he groans. I love the fact that such a simple act can evoke such immediate arousal in him.

My hands remain firm around his neck, as my body finds the rhythm it needs to create an orgasm that I am now desperate to feel. My eyes flutter open briefly and I catch sight of him looking at me, it appears he is now awake and fixated. Asphyxiated and fixated, I giggle involuntarily at my own little joke, causing him to ask what’s funny. Despite the gentle start to this mornings fun, I can’t help but reply that I’m laughing at the fact he’s my little bitch no matter what time of day it is and he groans again and a breathy ‘Yes Mistress’ escapes his lips and as if those words we last piece of the puzzle, my body begins to unravel and I grip him tightly between slender fingers and clenching cunt.

I see him check the time as I roll off of him. This time it’s him that giggles as he innocently asks me if I was struggling to sleep. I try to answer, but his hand is stroking my hair, my eyes have closed in response and suddenly sleep is all I can think off. I curl into him, grateful that it’s the weekend and that we get to wake up together all over again in just a few hours.

Wicked Women

I love women. Well I love all genders, but this post is specifically about women. But I promise I’m not leaving the rest of you out. You will get your post another day.

IMG_9080.JPGGrowing up I really struggled to make friends with or maintain friendships with other girls. There was always an underlying feeling of competition and bitchiness that I found very hard and had no desire to participate in. When I joined the kink scene it was with the same level of hesitancy about forming female friendships.

When it comes to kink, the friendships I have formed have been far more intimate and rewarding than any non-kink friendship I have ever had. I have friends I play with, from chaste kisses to full sex, both may or may not be accompanied by all manner of kinky joys. While to the non-kink world these encounters would move things from friendship into something else, for me this is what friendship sometimes looks like within the kink community. 

When I began exploring non-monogamy I was a little bit unsure of how I would fit in. As an onlooker to other people’s dynamics and as a sometimes unicorn in other people’s dynamics, I started to form a very fixed view … ‘I need to be open to friendships with the women who I might encounter as metamours.’

Unicorn: Single, bisexual female who is willing to be involved with both members of an existing couple.

As a non-monogamous person, as opposed to an actively poly person, metamour might not be the best word for me to use, it is however shorter than saying ‘my sexy friend’s other sexy, but potentially more casual friend/s’, so we are going to use metamour for the duration of this article.

I have spoken briefly of the fact that in the early days of our relationship Bakji had a non-monogamous adventure that was hard for me in many ways. In hindsight and with a lot more knowledge about what I need from non-monogamy, I know that a good chunk of my issues stemmed from the lack of friendship between she and I.

At one point a mutual friend stated that it was because the other lady in question was ‘intimidated by me’. Okay fair enough, I was willing to work with that information and did my best at an event to start a conversation and try to build some kind of friendship with her. To be clear, she was straight, and I was not trying to find my way into their dynamic. I just wanted to know her a little bit. What she liked, what her hopes for the future were, who she was a person. 

I unfortunately formed some heavy judgement about her when she rebuffed my attempts at friendship. Even now, I don’t doubt that she was probably a lovely person, after all Bakji has pretty good taste, but I cannot get over the fact she was so willing to quite literally leave her marks on Bakji, while being intimidated by me, but could not find her way to even have a vaguely friendly conversation with me.

Metamour: The partner of one’s partner, with whom one does not share a direct sexual or loving relationship.

I understand that even within polyamory, where feelings are often more developed and longer term, that some people do choose not to be close friends with their metamours and I place no judgement on those people. For me though, for my personal sanity and the way I am as a person, I need that friendship. We don’t have to be BFF’s and we don’t have to play together. I do however expect us to exchange pleasantries and be up front with each other about fancying the pants of the same person.

I had started to think I was alone in this. That the kind of relationship I wanted with a metamour was out of reach. Even in dynamics where this appears to be present, I have seen the underlying feelings definitely be something other than friendship. I don’t want to compete, or be scheming against someone.

Then we made new friends, and I met women who were like me. Women who seem to embrace other women and want to build them up. Some of the women I know in real life, some of these women I only speak to online. All of them I have oodles of love and respect for.

We have since the Autumn of last year been getting our non-monogamy on a little bit more and there have been so many moments that have made me smile both inwardly and outwardly, because it feels like I am finally meeting women who feel the same as me. Who don’t want to sneak around trying to woo Bakji, but are willing to be open and honest. Which is brilliant for me because then I get to tease him about it, and then is a huge thrill for me in our dynamic.

We currently aren’t looking towards polyamory, but as I keep saying to Bakji, never say never. If that day does come though I want the fact that there is two of us to be an asset to someone, not an issue. Even if it is someone I am not intimately involved with myself, I want her to know my door is always open, for questions, for worries, for sharing happy moments. Again that might not work for everyone, but I would extend that kindness to anyone I am friends with. To not offer to someone my partner was involved with seems baffling to me.

I mentioned women I had encountered online only and they are the ladies I’d like to talkIMG_9079.JPG about next. Through getting involved in memes like Masturbation Monday, Wicked Wednesday and Sinful Sunday I have connected with so many wonderful people. I also have Twitter and Instagram to thank for helping me discover a whole host of awesomeness.

One of the things that struck me about the online sex and kink blogging communities is the huge amount of support that is offered to new writers, or new photographers as it is for Sinful Sunday. Now I will state that throughout all those memes the support comes from all genders. It was the interaction between other women that struck a chord with me though. Purely because it is so far removed from the experiences with women I had growing up.

I feel so lucky to have connected with people who are so committed to building up other people instead of tearing them down and it gives me faith in humanity and hope for future friendship building to know that ladies with a similar mindset to mine do exist. Women who want to encourage, support and create meaningful connections with other women without secretly trying to be their undoing.

I don’t want to name and cause blushes to anyone specific, in part because privacy is a thing, and also because I’m bound to forget someone. If you’re a participant of any of the memes I mentioned then I mean you, if you run those memes, I definitely mean you. If I follow you on Twitter and like your tweets, I mean you. If we’re Instagram pals and I’ve liked or commented on any of your pictures I mean you. If I like or comment on your blog posts I mean you. If I know you in real life and we’ve been on adventures together, I mean you. If I’ve frolicked gleefully with your boobs and smooched your face I mean you. If we’ve Whatsapped each other this week about sexy things, then I definitely mean you. To all the women who are in my life, this means you.

You are all wonderful and I think each and everyone of you is delightful. Thank you for your continued inspiration and support.

For those of you who don’t identify as female you are also fabulous and your support and inspiration is also valued, and I hope this blog post is received in the spirit it was intended. Not to exclude or berate other genders, but but to celebrate the beauty and spirit of friendship between women.

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#SoSS – Wicked Masturbation!

IMG_6998Apologies for being behind on these #SoSS posts lately. May was a bit of a manic month for me. My first ever holiday with Bakji, to the wonderful New York City, a new job, the loss of my beautiful little cat and half term means I’ve been rallying hard to just keep the changes in routine from setting my anxiety skyrocketing.

It’s June now though and perhaps that is a good time to start a fresh, treasure my May memories and let the tough times go somewhat. I think a great way to start June of right is by sharing some truly sexy blog posts with you.

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Is BDSM Curious a Valid Kink?

Masturbation-Monday-badge-1The wonderful Posy Churchgate wrote a piece for this week’s Masturbation Monday called ‘Under My Thumb.’ At the end of the piece, which I found to be a very thought provoking read, and while I began to comment on her post directly, I feel that my thoughts might be suited to some of my readers here.


Can You Be ‘BDSM Curious’?

“Since joining the kink community which surrounds the Twitter sex bloggers, I have begun to refer to myself as BDSM curious.  I don’t know if it’s an actual ‘thing’ …” – Posy Churchgate

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Naughty Kitten

I’m not invited into Daddy’s bed tonight. The four poster I am frequently tied to, as flowing drapes hide us from the world. My misdemeanours mean I am to remain on the outside while Daddy entertains our guest.

To start of their evening, dinner was cooked and served by me. Impressed with the dishes I prepared for them Daddy places some kitten treats in my bowl. As always it was placed under the table at Daddy’s feet, when I am finished I rest my head against his lap and wait for further instruction.

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The Cone of Shame is Fun with Friends

For last weeks Wicked Wednesday I wrote a piece of erotica, ‘Cool Shower- Part 2‘ that contained humiliation as its main theme and a little while back I wrote ‘(Super Sexy) Thoughts on Erotic Humiliation’, and recently it is a kink that I have been thinking about more and more and I would really love to share some of my developing thoughts with you all.

It is no secret to anyone who has read my blog posts on non-monogamy that it has been a work in progress sorting through my feelings on it. One of the feelings I struggled with the most was that ‘bleurgh’ feeling in the pit of my stomach when I tried to visualise Bakji with another lady. I honestly thought this was one of those things I had to just put up with if I wanted to be non-monogamous.

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Erotica – Cool Shower – Part 2

A follow on from last weeks Wicked Wednesday piece Cool Shower.

Content Warning: Humiliation and degradation.

‘So … Together or apart?

‘Apart. They’ve enjoyed each other too much today. Time to separate them.’

At our attempts to get on with showering and preparing for lunch, their hands rose into a stop motion and the words ‘don’t you dare move’ were uttered. We both sat motionless on the bed, as the atmosphere in the room shifted.

‘Which one do you want?’

‘Well mine needs a shower, she’s filthy and some punishment for fucking yours. So you take her.’

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