[Life] Exposing My Kinks

#WickedWednesday, Kink, Life

I was going to write a different post for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, life is crazy busy at the minute so I was going to combine my Food for Thought post about kissing, with this week’s WW prompt of kink, because kissing is definitely a kink of mine. Then I began reading Kill The Heretic […]

October 2, 2019

[Erotica] Far Beyond the Yellow Sea

#WickedWednesday, Erotica, Humiliation, Degradation Erotica, Kink, Fetish, BDSM Erotica, September Song Project

Content Note: All about piss play! Let me sail, let me sail, let me crash upon your shore Let me reach, let me beach far beyond the Yellow Sea Words from Orinoco Flow by Enya The desire is lodged in my chest, a sudden onslaught of need is physically gripping me, I can barely catch […]

September 25, 2019