[Menstruation Matters] Saying Goodbye to Tampons

#MasturbationMonday, January Jump Start 2020, Menstruation Matters

When I first started my periods I was 13, and for the first year of menstruating, maybe closer to two years I mostly used sanitary towels as my method of absorption and honestly that was a miserable experience. I had leakages, a general feeling of discomfort when wearing them, they always made me feel a […]

January 20, 2020

[Erotica] The Girl at the Gate

#MasturbationMonday, Erotica, Fantasy, Myth, Horror Erotica

Image by Purple’s Gem and originally posted as Secret Garden. If you’ve never visited their site you are missing out, gorgeous images, fabulous writings and plenty to inspire sexy stories, just as this image has … ‘Tell me a story’ he whispered. His voice soft, his breathe tickling against my neck, as his hand meandered […]

October 5, 2019