[That’s My Kink] Voyeurism

January Jump Start, Kink, Nonmonogamy, Self Reflection, That's My Kink

Before you start you might like to read ‘That’s My Kink – An Introduction‘. Voyeurism is a relatively new kink for me. Prior to late 2017 I always had an awkward feeling about watching people play that made being a self confessed voyeur tricky. Then I attended a sensual, sexual orgy like event that changed […]

January 17, 2019

[Kink] Self Discovery Through Sensual FemDom

Alternative Lifestyles, BDSM, Erotic Journal Challenge, Femdom, January Jump Start, Kink, Self Expression, Self Reflection, Writing Prompt

Brigit Delaney has started an Erotic Journal Challenge on her blog and when I saw her first prompt was ‘Sensuality (The Five Senses)’ I instantly knew what I want to write about. I also decided that I would approach these posts with a more journal entry style. Which means I might not endeavour to make […]

January 6, 2019