[That’s My Kink] Voyeurism

January Jump Start, Kink, Nonmonogamy, Self Reflection, That's My Kink

Before you start you might like to read ‘That’s My Kink – An Introduction‘. Voyeurism is a relatively new kink for me. Prior to late 2017 I always had an awkward feeling about watching people play that made being a self confessed voyeur tricky. Then I attended a sensual, sexual orgy like event that changed […]

January 17, 2019

[Sex] Sex Technicalities: The Woes and The Worries

#WickedWednesday, January Jump Start, Self Expression, Sex

Image Via Pixabay I know when a few people saw the latest Wicked Wednesday prompt it sparked some queries to what exactly the prompt was referring too. Which I get, especially if you find sex quite an instinctive and fluid act. When I read the question below though I had a different reaction altogether. ‘What […]

January 16, 2019

[Sexuality] Discovering My Sexual Self

Bisexuality, Erotic Journal Challenge, January Jump Start, Self Expression, Self Reflection

As many of you may have noticed, I love a good writing meme and I’m a huge believer in using prompts to fuel my inspiration. This blog would actually be pretty deserted without the weekly meme’s. The newest meme on the block is Brigit’s ‘Erotic Journal Challenge’. One week in and I already think it’s […]

January 14, 2019

[Life] Before, After & Letting Love In

#WickedWednesday, Break-Ups, Emotional Well-being, Friendship, January Jump Start, Life, Love, Relationships, Self Expression, Self Reflection, Writing Prompt

I had multiple ideas for the before and after prompt. Some fictional. Some fact, some sexy, some not. Most of the ones based on personal experiences are long since past, while the after maybe still remain in my life in terms of being part of my life experience it isn’t ongoing as such. Then I […]

January 8, 2019

[Kink] Self Discovery Through Sensual FemDom

Alternative Lifestyles, BDSM, Erotic Journal Challenge, Femdom, January Jump Start, Kink, Self Expression, Self Reflection, Writing Prompt

Brigit Delaney has started an Erotic Journal Challenge on her blog and when I saw her first prompt was ‘Sensuality (The Five Senses)’ I instantly knew what I want to write about. I also decided that I would approach these posts with a more journal entry style. Which means I might not endeavour to make […]

January 6, 2019

[Kink] That's My Kink – An Introduction!

BDSM, January Jump Start, Kink, That's My Kink, Writing

FlossDoesLife readers and listeners of #ProudToBeKinky could probably list a fair number of my kinks. Some, like FemDom, get a lot of coverage, others like using gags, are just a fleeting mention. Then there are the kinks I’m curious about but haven’t tried yet, but that doesn’t make my interest in them any less valid. […]

January 3, 2019

[Erotica] Creeping, Touching! He Fucked Her! Oh my!

#WickedWednesday, Erotica, January Jump Start, Kink of the Week, Masturbation, Nonmonogamy, Sex, Writing, Writing Prompt

Content Warning: Potential themes of Non-Consent, though in my head as I wrote all parties were willing even if explicit consent hadn’t been given, but it may be lines crossed for some people.  Cassie I shouldn’t do it! I really, really shouldn’t do it! They both sleep so deeply though and they responded so well […]

January 2, 2019