[Erotica] Pissturn Alley

#friflash, Erotica, Humiliation Erotica

Image originally by Charlie who you can find at sexblogofsorts. Content Warning: Humiliation, degradation and Urination ‘Same time. Same place.’ ‘Can’t we go somewhere else? Just once?’ ‘No. 9 pm. Don’t make me wait.’ At 8.55 pm I am in place. Halfway up the stone alleyway of stairs, I stand reading the endless graffiti, as […]

April 13, 2019

[Erotica] ‘Come On My Tits!’

#friflash, Erotica

‘Oh my God, he’s so weird, you should totally delete his number.’ ‘Yeah, I know, so weird.’ ‘I even heard someone says he’s got a thing for balloons. BA -LLOONS! Like in a sexual way.’ ‘Balloons, really? That’s …’ ‘Gross! I know.’ I was going to say interesting, but it wasn’t worth telling Gillian that. […]

March 30, 2019