[Kink] A Switchy Girl's Guide To … Munches and Fetish Clubs

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Image via Pixabay As a co-host of a podcast for which the tagline is ‘a podcast covering the social and interpersonal side of kink, Fetish and BDSM’, it will probably come as no surprise that I spend a lot of time talking about munches and Fetish events. Before I regale you all with why I […]

January 15, 2018

Finding Your Local Community

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N.B: This blog post was inspired an email from the Loving BDSM 30 Days of D/s. If you haven’t listened to their podcast yet please do so, you can also check out the website for great resources and links on how to listen or follow on social media. We’ve come to another subject about which […]

August 21, 2017

Weekend Round-Up: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Actions speak louder than words. What an unfortunate title for a blog post in which I use my words. Bear with me though, somehow, despite the fact I am writing after only 3 hours sleep, I will have a point. I hope! It’s not often I do a round-up of my weekends. Despite the fact […]

May 21, 2017

Can The Real Kink Shady Please Stand Up?

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When you first join you local BDSM scene it can be easy to assume that everyone will be really self-assured, have all the experience under their belt and have all the answers they need to lead a problem free kinky life. The chances are that all those assumptions will be incorrect for almost everyone on […]

February 27, 2017

Coming Out of the Kinky Closet

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So technically, I’ve had two coming outs! I’m greedy like that! There’s my ‘I’m not straight’ coming out and my ‘I’m into BDSM’ coming out. On both counts I’m pretty much entirely out of the closet and that closet is now full of Latex, whips and sex toys. So basically opening it takes me to […]

December 16, 2016

Floss Does Fetish Clubs

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In the most recent episode of #ProudToBeKinky, myself and Bakji talk Fetish clubs. If you have no idea what #ProudToBeKinky is check out my blog entry ‘Podcasts & Princess Parts’, short explanation though, it’s a super awesome podcast that I sometimes get to be on. In episode #006 we talk about what to expect from […]

December 11, 2016