[Photography] Untouched

Don’t leave an inch of me untouched

and if you think that only means skin,

well then,

you don’t know much about love.

Word by k.k. meade

Mr F and I can’t be precious about how and when we fuck these days. Tiny Human is a decent sleeper but our schedules are very different so we’re not always home relaxing at the same time. Which means we other get down to business in the early hours of the morning when he climbs in bed after a late shift or during on of Tiny Human’s daytime naps.

This week we choose a daytime nap as our moment and we barely got our clothes off when we heard little cries. I said we wasted time taking our clothes off at all and next time we just need to get straight down to it. A couple of hours later and we got another chance and we made it all the way to the finish line.

When I saw the big cum splatter on my thigh I asked Me F to grab my phone, thinking I could share the image for this week’s Sinful Sunday. As he came in the room he snapped the other photo I’m sharing. I don’t think it’s a particularly sexy photo but it’s definitely an honest portrayal of our life right now.

8 thoughts on “[Photography] Untouched

  1. There’s a lot about this that I relate to, just grabbing the spare time you have to fuck when you can anbd have time.
    I’ve done so in the past, that moment there’s just time to get in some fun and it just needs to be taken while I could

    That first image is fantastic, the 2nd is a great addition showing the honesty of things are.

  2. I feel soo happy for you seeing this, I can just imagine your joy from hopefully seeing the big cum explosion take place 🙂 keep up the great work, loving it Floss 😀

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