[Life] Embracing The Power Of Water

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”~ Loren Eiseley

CW: Discussions about childbirth included in this post.

I’m a big believer in the magic of water, it is powerful in its abilities not only to soothe and heal, but also to destroy everything in its path. Those two extremes are fascinating, but it’s how magical it is for our bodies and minds that I’ve experienced for myself.

When I had Small Human I wanted as much as possible to not use too much pain relief, purely because I’ve had so many adverse reactions I felt that suffering any more at such a crucial point might not be wise. I remember vividly though the contraction that made me say ‘fuck that, give me the drugs’. As I had that thought, the midwife said the birthing pool was ready and to get in and we’ll take it from there with regards to pain relief.

As soon as I got in that water my pain halved. It went from me not knowing how I’d manage, to being able to breathe through my contractions with the help of gas and air. It was an absolute game changer. The overwhelming sensation I felt when Human was one of pressure, not pain. I could feel my contractions but they were just this tight pressure on my bump, the pain of them wasn’t there at all. I loved that labour experience, having the water around my body was definitely a big factor in me being able to enjoy giving birth.

With Tiny Human I was set to do the same again, but it was not to be. I ended up having a dry land birth and holy crap I missed the water so much. My contractions definitely hurt and while gas and air was absolutely my friend, I also discovered the joys of pethidine. Without the water there was no way I was going pain relief free, more power to ladies that do, but nope, not for me, I do not enjoy feeling that level of intensity when trying to push out a baby!

I only share my waterless experience with Tiny Human to show that I have something to compare my water experience with. If I hadn’t had that second birth I might have thought that the water wasn’t as a big of an influence as I suspected. Then again I’ve had period cramps that pain relief would not budge but a nice warm bath has eased into submission.

When I’m feeling sick or out of sorts I always head for the shower. Even if it doesn’t fix everything it does make me feel revitalised and showers seem to wash away more than just dirt, sadness, stress, anxiety; while not completely solved by a shower they are alleviated for me by the water running over my body.

I also lived very close to a body of water that I don’t take advantage of enough. If I walk I can be at the beach in half an hour, if I go in the car I can be there in about 5 minutes without traffic. I’ve lived by the beach for most of my life and a swim in the sea is a wonderful thing to do. I think the word that comes to mind for that is nourishing, it feels like the water is providing for you, giving you a much needed boost of whatever it is you are lacking that day.

I haven’t been swimming since covid struck and I can’t wait to go again, but I’m still a bit wary about the germ levels in somewhere like a swimming pool. We will definitely go again as soon as I feel comfortable though because I can’t wait to get Tiny Human in the water. Just like his big brother he loves baths and showers and I don’t think the swimming pool will be any different.

I’ve taken a fair few sexy photos in water, I’ve included some of my favourites in this post but I’m not a huge fan of sexy times happening in water. My ex and I used to have sex in the shower a lot though, but we had a lovely big shower and it made the clean up really easy. It’s been a very long time since I indulged in any shower sex though but I can’t say I miss it. That said if Mr F and I ever have a big enough shower for two I’m sure we might indulge, although that might be less about the water and more about the slippy, soapy bodies.

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