[Life] Pondering The Future Of FlossDoesLife

Apologies for the quietness on the blog of late. I know everyone is very understanding because I’m looking after a new baby and even if I wasn’t, sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging for all of us. The truth is I could blog, I do have the time, thanks to a gem of a baby and an awesome partner. The reasons I haven’t have a lot more to do with the blogging world than my home world.

I recently shared on Twitter that I was considering whether or not it was time to retire FlossDoesLife. I have until December to consider this but if I do go ahead then I’d hate to disappear and you all wonder where I’d gone, I’d like there to be some sort of explanation first. There is a chance I’ll work through my mental barriers about blogging here, and in general and instead of stopping it will just change but only time will tell.

The fact of the matter is that my life is now very different to when I started the blog. I started this blog primarily to explore my own thoughts about non-monogamy, then it evolved into sharing my thoughts about kink and of course sharing my erotica. Now I’m monogamous, doing little to no kink and very rarely do I get inspiration to write erotica. I know that if anyone else saw this as a problem for their own blog I’d tell them not to be daft. These are our spaces to do with as we wish and so what if our topics change over the years, that all part of evolving as a person.

For me though it’s more about whether or not I personally can express myself here in the same way I used to. Almost as if I was trying to tag Alice In Wonderland onto the end of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. They are two entirely different books, why would you ever try to wedge them into one. Prior to this blog I had another and I know I couldn’t have turned that into what FlossDoesLife has become, I suppose I’m wondering if I’m in the same position now. Has this blog come to a natural end and I do I start fresh somewhere else.

It’s a hard decision to make though, because this blog has been part of my life for so long. Sadly part of the reason I feel like I could walk away is because I’m still massively disheartened by the things that happened in the blogging community back in 2020. I tried then, as I always do, to follow my heart and speak my own truth. What that meant is I lost followers and friends. I lost followers from both sides of the argument too. I can only assume I said too much for some people and not enough for others. It is what it is though, but I don’t know how I fit into the community we are left with.

I’m also hyper aware about staying in my lane. I’ve recently had a few comments that have made it clear that they think I shouldn’t talk about certain topics, that I’m wrong about some topics I have discussed and am not ‘enough’ of certain things to join the conversation about them. To be clear, I’m not trying to write about things I have zero experience in, all I ever want to do is talk about my personal thoughts on my life, my relationships, my body, my sex life, my kinks and my sexuality. I never say I’m speaking for everyone who might have similar experiences, I never say I’m an expert and if anything I do my very best to put disclaimers in to make it very clear those things are not the case, apparently that isn’t enough for some people though.

Between now and December though when my server and domain renewals are due I’m still going to blog. I’m going to blog about the things that are relevant to me right now. I’m approaching the blog as more of a shared journal, so if people don’t like me talking about the thoughts and feelings I have about my own life and existence then they don’t need to hang around. Even if you’ve been following me for a long time or have previously been a fan, if that no longer holds true for you then you’re not obligated to keep reading what I write.

I can’t please everyone, yet I keep trying, but I’m not getting any enjoyment out of that anymore. So going forward I’m just going to write for myself and see if that reignited the passion I once had for blogging.

3 thoughts on “[Life] Pondering The Future Of FlossDoesLife

  1. I have so many of these same feelings. Hence, I too, have been having a bit of a crisis on my blog. I haven’t been reading blogs, either. This is the first entry I have read from anyone in months, and I find it comforting to know that I am not alone. So glad you are enjoying that little one, mama. Blessings.

    1. We are definitely not alone. After mentioning it in Twitter it seems many of use are in the same boat which actually makes me want to hold on a little longer and find a way to the other side x

  2. I have to admit that I too struggle with the aftermath of the events last year and also the feeling that I’m not allowed to say certain things. Thankfully I’ve not been censored and wonder who they think they are if they are doing that to you. I really hope you will carry on blogging and will be able to find your niche again. The same goes for you Brigit. xx
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