[Life] Capturing Those Precious Moments

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.” ―Dr. Seuss

This past week or so my Facebook and Google Photo memories have all been of the holiday myself and Small Human took to Slovakia with my Dad four years ago. It was definitely a once in a lifetime trip for the three of us and while there were things I found tough about it, overall I am so grateful we went and made those memories together.

I feel blessed that I grew up with a mum and dad who took lots of photos. When I was little my Dad actually had his own darkroom set up in the shed and had a fancy pants camera that he took beautiful pictures with. To this day some of my favourite photos were taken by him. My mum mostly took photos of me, which gave me a lovely timeline of photos from my childhood.

While I may not be a five-star photographer I definitely inherited the desire to keep photographic records of the memories I was making. I started off using film and enduring the agonising wait while the got developed but once digital photography came into its own, so did the frequency with which I captured those precious memories.

I used to take a small digital camera on nights out with my ex-husband (camera phones hadn’t quite become what they are now at that point) and I have so many photos of escapades before we had Small Human. We became pros at the couple selfie and I have many, many hilarious drunken photos. I also have photos of any and all days out we had and then all our times together with Small Human. I have kept every photo I have of him and I together. I know photos of ex-partners aren’t part of everyone’s treasured possessions but they are for me. Partly because I spent an entire decade of my life making memories with him and partly because I love sharing them with Small Human and telling him about all the awesome times I had with his Dad.

I also have endless photos of Small Human and now Tiny Human is racking up his own collection too. Then there are memories of past pets, friends, holidays and all kinds of random adventures.

Some of the photos I’ve got I can instantly remember when they happened and why I took the picture, other images though it takes a minute or so to remember when or where it was taken and I think maybe that’s when I’m most grateful for taking plenty of pictures. They’re moments I maybe wouldn’t have remembered so readily, or even at all if I hadn’t had the photographic evidence of them.

I do need to start taking more photos of Mr F and I together though. He has plenty of me, looking totally dodgy in most of them, to be honest, because he has a knack for taking photos when I’m eating or frowning at my phone. I have some of him, but it is the ones together we don’t have as many of as I’d like. The trouble is I got out of the habit of taking couples photos because in my previous relationship that was a big no, so I’ve become accustomed to not asking partners to be in pictures with me. It’s a habit I need to break though because Mr F definitely isn’t anti photo.

In fact, one of the things I love about him is that he isn’t vain about photos. He doesn’t fuss over what some might perceive as unflattering images and he encourages me to care less about those dodgy photos he takes of me because usually, he enjoys them the most. His home screen image on his phone is one of me pregnant. It was a sunny day so I’m frowning/squinting a bit and also happen to be looking at a cute dog we met. He loves it because it looks like I’m giving the dog angry evils. He’s shown it to everyone at work and at first, my instinct was to feel all kinds of not okay about that. Then I realised it makes him smile and laugh to look at that photo and in a good way too, so I decided to try and see the photos he takes in the same way he does, instead of through my own insecurities.

Especially as I know that in years to come he may have captured moments that to me seemed unremarkable, for example painting the first bedroom we shared together, while my belly was big with Tiny Human, but will actually hold the key to lovely memories when we look back at them in the future.

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