[Photography] Stolen

You stole my heart right out from me …

… before I even realised you had your hands on it.

Word by bliss

As the weeks go by I am definitely getting bigger. This week Mr F walked past me and said I looked bigger one day than I had the day before. He also pointed out today that I have started using my bump as a shelf, which I hadn’t even noticed!

Tiny Belly Human is starting to kick up a storm more regularly too, to the point that Mr F has actually been able to feel it himself. This is awesome because I have a anterior placenta, it’s at the front of my bump like a little cushion and they do warn you that this can muffle movements or cause you to feel them later. So for not just me, but Mr F to be able to feel baby boy is just the most wonderful thing.

I’m getting rounder and squishier and I love it so much. I am still amazed that I am getting to have this experience again, for so long I never imagined, hoped or planned for another baby, but OMG he feels like he was always meant to be and even though we have about 15 weeks to go before we meet him (if he comes around his due date) I absolutely cannot wait to kiss his little face!

4 thoughts on “[Photography] Stolen

  1. Great Photos and so cool to hear that you are doing well 15 weeks will go by so fast.
    My newest Grand daughter is 20 days old and such a joy. As yours shall be
    Continued good health and vibes

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