[Life] Days Off and How They’ve Changed

#TellMeSomethingTrue, Life, Relationships / Thursday, March 18th, 2021

‘What’s your favourite way to spend a day off?’

I have had more days off since March 20th 2020 than I ever could have imagined possible. C-19 dealt many industries a rough blow, mine included, so furlough it was. At this point in time I’ve had about 7 months off since that day and I won’t be returning to work now until after my maternity leave. 

While days off have been abundant, activities to fill them have not, at least not the kind of activities that take place outside of my own house. Last spring Mr F and I spent our days overhauling my garden, walking to the local golf course, eating lots, watching Netflix and of course, there was lots of fucking. I’ve seen some ladies on my pregnancy forums get defensive when people have insinuated they kept busy during lockdowns by fucking and that’s how they got pregnant. I can see why that would be frustrating, especially if you’ve been trying for a long time. But at the same time, I don’t see anything wrong with having lots of time to spare and spending that time on sex. 

During this lockdown things have been a little different, growing a baby has tired me out, so my free time has been filled with lots of resting. I also had to homeschool Small Human and prevent him from getting too bored. We also did a lot of redecorating and even more Netflix has been watched and computer games have been played. I have just over 17 weeks to go until my due date and I don’t think my days will change much between now and then. 

Yes things will start opening up a little bit more, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to trust mine and Tiny Belly Human’s health to the outside world in its entirety just yet. So I will likely continue to shield a little bit until the baby has arrived and then we will see how things stand once he is here. I would love for the summer to involve a few more outdoor adventures, so Small Human and I can show him some of our favourite places during the summer holidays. 

Mr F and I have never really had ‘normal’ days off together. We officially announced our relationship during lockdown and prior to that had to be a bit cautious while we enjoyed each other’s company because we didn’t want word getting back to our boss before we knew exactly what it was we were doing. We did still do some things, we went out for dinners, played some mini-golf, went for walks but a lot of the bigger days out we never quite got round to doing. Weather played a part in that, we got together when it was dreary winter and indoor activities were certainly best. But then Covid hit and any chance of doing things was gone. 

Had we been free to do our own thing I would have loved to have gone on more day trips together. We live in a loved part of the UK and we are only small drives away from lots of amazing places, not least of all lovely beaches that, some of which we can actually walk to on days we are feeling fit. Going for nice walks. lunches out while exploring new places would have been top choices in how we spent our days off. 

Top choices in how to spend a day off have definitely changed over the years though. For a long time writing for the blog would have taken priority, or recording for the podcast, which led to me creating two projects that I am immensely proud of but in hindsight, those things did take precedence over intimacy on a number of occasions and I don’t think that was good for anyone involved at the time. That said though lots of my days off were spent travelling to kink events and visiting friends in London and those were always days off well spent.  

Currently, if I get a day totally to myself, which does happen sometimes due to Small Human and Mr F still having other places to be regardless of the world situation, I tend to spend my time pottering about the house, doing housework and then plonking myself in front of the TV. I have however taken up knitting, I am teaching myself and I’m starting with a little blanket for the baby and I must admit I am really enjoying it. It’s nice to have something to occupy my hands that isn’t digital. 

As for future days off, well, they are going to be an adventure for sure. Once the baby arrives he will definitely keep us busy and it would be nice to think we can visit family members and get him socialising a little bit. I’d dearly love to spend some of our days off travelling to visit my family in Liverpool. They haven’t met Mr F either, so it will be a big visit and I’d love to fit that in before 2022 begins, but we shall have to wait and see how things go with that one. 

Also, because we are either extremely excited about life together, or a little bit daft, Mr F and I will also be welcoming a kitten into our lives. About 10 days before Tiny Belly Human’s due date. So for a little while, my days will just be filled with trying to maintain some sort of order in a home that just wants to descend into the chaos of crying and meowing until someone gets fed or cuddled. I am excited about both new arrivals though and maintain all will be fine so long as I don’t mix up the feline baby and the human baby!

So for now I am going to be relishing these days off and doing as much as I can to rest and relax because come June there will be less time for both which I’m not even remotely sad about, I can’t wait for this new stage of life to begin and I’m sure whatever we decide to do on our days off in the future will be fun-filled and full of love and laughter. 

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  1. This is such an exciting time for you! I remember well the pre-baby days, just getting ready and planning…and how damned exhausted I was all the time. I’d come home from work and go straight to bed. And a kitten! Floof will have a baby to cuddle, too!

    It’s been an odd time to find and nurture a new love and become a little family, but it has surely forced us all to slow down, which maybe wasn’t a bad thing. I took up knitting, too during the early days of the pandemic. I’m not very good, but I also needed something that didn’t involve a screen.

    I sure wish you beautiful luck over the coming months. And I look forward to hearing about all of the changes.

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