[Sex & Kink] No Spanks for Me

I don’t write about kink related topics anymore, mostly because the kink hiatus I embarked on in late 2019 has become a more prolonged absence. I have to say I don’t miss it. I am sad that C-19 has stopped all events though because I would have loved to have taken Mr F to London to not only meet my friends but also to have experienced an event like AntiChrist. Which is by far my favourite big event and in terms of dress code, music and atmosphere it would be a night out Mr F would absolutely love. I am holding on to the hope we may eventually get to go one day. 

Asides from missing out on the social aspect of kink, everything else I did still enjoy about it I was getting to enjoy. I feel like compared to some of the kinks I’ve written about my core kinks are actually fairly tame but I enjoy them nonetheless and I think at the end of the day that is all that matters. Biting, scratching, hair pulling and spanking are the things I love to include in sex and they’re the things that I think I’d miss if I never got them at all. 

The only kink I sometimes wonder further about is impact play. I rehomed a lot of my kink equipment and sex toys, keeping only the items I could not live without (I’m looking at you Doxy) but even though I am not using them I couldn’t bear to part with my impact toys. I don’t have loads and what I have aren’t overly expensive or the most sought after, they are mine though and I think one day they might actually be called into use again. 

Mr F is a lot like me in that he enjoys doing things to me when my reactions are fun for him. The whole reason I enjoyed kink so much as a top was purely based on the variety of reactions I could elicit from people. I think as time goes on and we continue to explore sexy times together I can see him being tempted by the joys of impact play, perhaps another reason I miss kink events because they are a wonderful place to learn from folks who are fabulous at impact play. 

However, even if Mr F decided right now he was up for giving that a go I would have to decline. All those lovely kinks I said I do enjoy incorporating into our sex life have had to go. Pregnancy seems to have made me extra sensitive in all the ways and that includes being more sensitive to pain. Quite often when we are kissing Mr F will tug at my hair, it never fails to make me squirm and I love that he does outside of fucking. Maybe two months ago though he did it, in the same way as normal and my reaction was a squeal of pain. 

I’d been feeling the inevitability of that moment coming, but I had definitely been ignoring it. The truth was though that everything on the rougher side of things was starting to become more pain than pleasure and I was feeling far too delicate to be subjected to the things I truly enjoy. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to ignore that forever and I’m sensible enough not to have gone too far when it really wasn’t working for me, but I was a bit bummed out that we’d have to leave those things be for a while. 

In reality, it hasn’t taken anything away from our sex life though, probably because pregnancy has bought other kinds of delights with it and we are too busy enjoying those to worry about the things we’ve given up for now. The time is fast approaching though that we will have to give up another thing I love and that is the missionary position. I know it’s often the butt of ‘boring sex’ jokes but I genuinely love it and for me, it is more often than not the most satisfying and pleasurable position to fuck in. With an ever-growing bump though it is becoming less comfortable for me to lie on my back so we shall have to switch it up a little. Which I know will be fun and when we do eventually come back to missionary I know that will be freakin’ awesome. 

I haven’t taken any bum shots for ages! Been far too obsessed with boobs and bump if I’m honest. Seemed a shame to talk about spanking though without checking in on my bottom and sharing an image of it for today’s FebPhotoFest picture.

3 thoughts on “[Sex & Kink] No Spanks for Me

  1. Love your bum shot- it’s a lovely bum! I love your reflection on the way your life has changed and continues to change through this new phase! Thanks for sharing those thoughts with us!


  2. All of your bumps are lovely, booty, boobs and baby bump. I think, just like everything in life, kinks shift as life changes. Glad you were able to keep a little bit of it alive while still adapting to your changing world!

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