[Photography] The Sweetest Feeling

you are …

… the sweetest feeling i know

Word By butterflies rising

I spend a lot of my time in these positions at the moment. Bed is absolutely my saviour right now. I sleep a lot and climbing into bed at night is blissful in a way that never gets boring.

I have a pregnancy pillow, but honestly I found it more annoying than helpful. I had a different one in my previous pregnancy with Small Human and also found that one annoying, so I figured maybe they’re just not my thing.

Mr F came to my rescue though, for Christmas he bought my colourful squishy in these pictures, who I have named Phyllis and she accompanies me to bed each night. She is able to prop my knee up for comfort but also acts as a bump rest when that is a more pressing requirement.

She is also super soft, kind of velvety to the touch and I sometimes find myself just stroking her and it just makes me feel all kinds of chilled out. She honestly the best bedtime stuffie I’ve ever had. I highly recommend everyone getting a Phyllis of their own.

7 thoughts on “[Photography] The Sweetest Feeling

  1. Best wishes for continued healthy growth. There is a beauty that comes to a pregnant woman. Maybe it is the miracle of new life or the combination of two becoming one. Blessings to you all and a wish for safe days ahead.

  2. Ohhh and where can one obtain a Phyllis because it looks kinda awesome and I am definitely up for more things to snuggle at the moment


    1. If you search for squishmallow on somewhere like Amazon then lots of soft & squishy friends come up 🙂 mine is from toymaster, but all sorts of places sell them and some are just too cute for words x

    1. Aw thank you, as always for your lovely comments. Baby is due at the end of June, so little while to go yet. But I’m sure I will keep blog readers regularly updated 🙂 x

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