[Photography] Saturated

I wish I could help you understand …

… that every thought I think is about you.

I am saturated in you silhouette.

Words by Tyler Knott Gregson

When it’s prompt weekend for Sinful Sunday and I’ve got my arse in gear to join in which hasn’t been a while, I do love to follow the prompts, though I appreciate it isn’t mandatory. It really wasn’t meant to be this weekend though, but the inspiration of the ‘Silhouette’ prompt made me fiddle with these images and I really loved the results so decided to share them anyway, especially when I found the above quote which spoke to me on a couple of levels.

10 thoughts on “[Photography] Saturated

  1. Oh Floss these are so beautiful. I hope you continue to take images and share them here. I remember years ago when Monika from Godemiche was pregnant and also when Livvy was pregnant and they took beautiful images of themselves which showed their changing bodies but also that they were still sensual and sexual beings too


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