[Photography] Celebrating My Body

Since the original lockdown began in March of last year, myself and some friends have been sharing nudes in a group chat on Whatsapp. It’s not every day and there is no pressure to join in, but it is a wonderful space to share when you are in that kind of mood. This past few days a friend posted a glorious shower nude with the accompanying hashtag of #BringBackTheShowerNewd. Always the people pleaser I decided to do just that and took some snaps of myself during my next shower. 

The image I took above really struck a chord with me and I decided to share it for both this months Love Yourself and this months Erotic Journal Challenge. The current theme for EJC is celebrations and this picture for me is a celebration of my body. In general I think the next few months will be an ongoing celebration of my body and how I am truly growing fondness for it in ways I never truly did before. 

When I was pregnant with my Small Human, now eight. I only gained weight because of my bump. Everywhere else stayed the same. Only in my third trimester did my boobs grow and they grew so quickly that I didn’t have time to get used to them, so they just felt awkward and cumbersome. I never actually got to enjoy them. Due to hormone issues I was unable to breastfeed, so my boobs just went back to their normal size fairly quickly and that was that. 

This pregnancy, however, is very different. The pregnancy weight is evenly distributed across all areas of my body and my boobs grew a lot in my first trimester and this has given me time to get used to the new larger size and quite frankly I am loving them. 

I am genuinely obsessed with my boobs right now. Not only do I love how plump and heavy they look, with the areolas also darkening and my nipples being even more prominent than usual, but during masturbation my boobs actually turn me on, which is a wild feeling and totally new to me. I’ve discovered I come quicker if I talk about how big my boobs are, whilst grabbing them and imagining Mr F putting his mouth on them. Never in a million years could I have got this to happen with my pre-pregnancy boobs. 

Don’t get me wrong, pre-pregnancy boobs were great in their own right, but my boobs now are just something else. I have no idea if they are growing because I might actually make milk this time, or if they’re growing due to pregnancy hormones but are still sans milk, only time will tell on that. In the meantime though I am absolutely going to make the most of how frickin’ awesome they feel right now. 

As for the rest of my body, I actually quite like how that is filling out too. My thighs are chunkier, my bum has got more jiggle, my hips are definitely going into baby carrying mode and honestly I just feel kind of lovely. I’m definitely softer, rounder, squishier and for whatever reason that is giving me a boost of feel good hormones. Maybe it’s just nature’s way of making me nourish my body for baby, or maybe the pregnancy hormones are doing a sexy feel good number on me, who knows, whatever the reason though it’s a nice way to feel and definitely something to celebrate. 

5 thoughts on “[Photography] Celebrating My Body

  1. I love this. I can think of no better word than ripe for a pregnant body, because it does just what you have described. It softens, creating the world’s coziest home. I find it interesting how differently your body is taking this pregnancy, and it’s cool that you are taking note of all the little details, savoring every moment.

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