[Photography] Blossoming Boobs

I haven’t worn a bra since the beginning of the first lockdown. Even before lockdown began I had started to wear underwear less, purely because Mr F enjoyed it and then because the less I wore underwear the more I realised I felt quite free without it.

When boobs went boom quite early on in my pregnancy I realised I need to get some kind of support. But bralettes are quite sufficient and far comfier. When I was thinking about an image for BoobDay though I thought it might be fun to see how my bras are fitting these days, I think the answer is they don’t fit properly at all, but I must admit the resulting images are quite fun.

I then went back through my older photos and found the most recent pre-pregnancy image of me wearing the same bra (below). It’s fascinating to see the difference between my body then and now and I enjoy them both in different ways.

I don’t for one minute think one is better or worse, but I am enjoying being able to see the changes by comparing images.

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